Part Time Finance Assistant Jobs

Part Time Finance Assistant Jobs – I asked my team to help me analyze the financial headlines that employers and candidates say are most important. This finance job title article is the latest chapter in OnGig’s Job Titles: The Definitive Guide.

Note: The range of finance titles at many employers includes finance and accounting together as one department (or financial accounting reports). This list of finance job titles includes only finance positions. See Top 20 Accounting Job Titles for similar data only on accounting titles. Also, this article focuses on major economic jobs in the US. Financial securities outside the US may vary.

Part Time Finance Assistant Jobs

Part Time Finance Assistant Jobs

The leader of most financial teams is the chief financial officer (CFO), who reports to the CEO. In small companies, the highest financial position may be vice president of finance or treasurer.

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“Treasurer” is an official role in most companies’ articles of incorporation, where the company must list at least a few officers (for example, president (CEO), treasurer, secretary).

Below are the most popular entry-level finance job titles, ranked by candidate and employer Google searches (source; ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner).

Below is a pie chart of the top 20 finance titles that candidates search for on Google (Source: ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner).

Here is a list of the top 20 finance job titles and descriptions that employers search for on Google. These different finance titles are ranked in descending order (source: Google search terms like “[job title] job descriptions”). I have included synonyms of the relevant positions.

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A financial analyst, also known as a financial analyst, is responsible for gathering information and data for their organization. A financial analyst is tasked with making financial forecasts, comparing stock prices, researching the industry, making projections, and organizing and using collected data to help a business. A financial analyst may be tasked with creating financial models and making recommendations to reduce costs or increase revenue.

A CFO, also known as a chief financial officer, is responsible for working directly with a company’s senior executives and junior financial analysts. The CFO is a leader whose responsibilities include:

A financial advisor is responsible for providing guidance and financial advice to their clients regarding their personal finances. A financial advisor can specialize in different types of financial services such as financial planning or asset management. A financial advisor’s responsibilities include tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, budget planning, charitable planning, investment management, and insurance planning.

Part Time Finance Assistant Jobs

A finance manager, also known as a financial manager, is responsible for managing and organizing the financial portfolio of an individual client or organization. A finance manager is tasked with overseeing money management and investment planning. Duties of a finance manager include:

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A treasurer is responsible for cash and liquidity management, risk management and corporate finance. A treasurer, usually reporting to the CFO, assists senior management in investment decisions. A treasurer’s duties may include financial benchmarking, handling day-to-day cash management, and preparing financial forecasts based on past financial reports. “Treasurer” is also an official role in many companies’ articles of incorporation where there are 3 officers (eg, president, treasurer, secretary).

A credit analyst is responsible for analyzing financial information and credit data for individuals or companies applying for loans. A credit analyst is responsible for determining the financial risks of banks or other lending institutions and recommending whether to grant a requested loan or line of credit. Another role of a credit analyst is to analyze the creditworthiness of an organization or individual and prepare credit reports based on their findings.

A finance director, or finance director, is a senior executive responsible for a company’s financial health. The responsibilities of the finance director are to manage the financial and accounting control functions of an organization. A finance director is also responsible for establishing financial strategies to ensure a company’s long-term growth and profitability.

A payroll manager is responsible for compensation and payroll functions within an organization. A payroll manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day duties of employees in the payroll department, tracking, calculating, disbursing and overseeing compensation for company employees. Other responsibilities of a payroll manager include:

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An economist is a trained financial decision maker. The day-to-day duties of an economist include researching economic data, forecasting market trends, collecting and analyzing data, presenting reports from economic research, and advising individuals, governments, or organizations on economic matters. An economist is also responsible for recommending solutions to financial problems.

A purchasing manager is responsible for managing the purchases required by an organization. Tasks include supplier screening, interviewing vendors, and visiting distribution plants or distribution centers. A procurement manager is tasked with keeping the organization up-to-date on market trends and the latest products by attending trade shows and conferences.

The budget analyst is responsible for helping organizations of all sizes maintain a balanced budget. A budget analyst is tasked with working directly with senior management to assess budget needs and make decisions on one-time expenditures or selected purchases. Depending on the size of the company, a budget analyst’s duty may be to run regular financial reports to share with the upper management level of an organization.

Part Time Finance Assistant Jobs

A senior financial analyst, also called a senior financial analyst, is responsible for developing and maintaining a network of industry-related contacts to help develop investment opinions for an organization or individual. The Senior Finance Analyst is tasked with monitoring market-related events that may affect an organization’s investment portfolio. Another role of a senior finance analyst is to research and present new investment opportunities to an organization’s senior management.

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The purchasing clerk works directly with the purchasing manager and is responsible for purchasing products, supplies, and raw materials for an organization. A purchasing clerk may be responsible for dealing with vendors and suppliers. Other duties of a purchasing clerk include:

A procurement analyst is an experienced employee who works directly with the procurement manager to compare products and services from suppliers and research which are the best fit for the organization. A procurement analyst is responsible for monitoring inventory levels of current stock and tracking changes that may affect the supply and demand of materials needed in an organization’s operations.

A VP of Finance is also known as VP of Finance or Vice President of Finance and is responsible for playing a role in an organization’s finance department. Depending on the size of the organization, a VP Finance’s responsibilities include:

The finance assistant, or finance clerk, is responsible for supporting the senior management and finance team in an organization. The day-to-day tasks of a finance clerk include:

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A finance intern is responsible for shadowing upper-level management in the finance department to gain industry knowledge. A finance intern’s duties may include administrative tasks such as data entry, record keeping, data maintenance, and assisting with financial audits. A finance intern is also tasked with sitting in on meetings to take notes on client-related financial matters.

A personal financial advisor is responsible for researching the needs of their clients and recommending financial plans or investments that may be profitable for them. A personal financial advisor is tasked with helping clients plan their financial short-term and long-term goals. A personal financial advisor invests money from individuals based on clients’ research and decisions; They can also provide tax advice.

A financial aid counselor is also known as a financial aid counselor and helps parents and students identify financial resources available to them through government or private sources. A financial aid advisor is responsible for outlining financial aid plans, completing forms, and informing students about loan repayment procedures.

Part Time Finance Assistant Jobs

Special thanks to the many experts on financial job titles I cited for this article. They:

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