Part Time Jobs Bristol

Part Time Jobs Bristol – More than 8.5 million people work part-time in the UK (about 25% of the workforce), the majority of whom are women, but the number of men is also growing.

In 2014, the right to request flexible work was extended to more than 27 million people working in the UK, meaning that every employee with 26 consecutive weeks of work has the right to request flexible work. The employer can approve or deny the request.

Part Time Jobs Bristol

Part Time Jobs Bristol

While 87% of UK employees want to work flexibly, only 9.8% of jobs paying more than £20,000 are advertised as flexible. In July 2019, the House of Commons approved a new Flexible Work Bill on first reading, which would force UK employers to by default offer flexible work contracts to all. employee or explain why this role cannot be flexibly filled.

Temporary, Immediate Start & Part Time Jobs In Bristol

If you’re a business, there’s a flexible format that fits 95% of the roles in your organization. Whether you’re a start-up, small or large, growing or established, flexibility can make your business successful, productive and a great place to work. You can also see how some of our clients have benefited from flexible working. Read our latest Flexibility and Pride study.

If you’re a professional looking for flexibility, there’s always a flexible format that allows you to pursue your career while balancing personal commitments. You can consider working from home, sharing work, part time by week, part time by hour, 9 days in two weeks… According to Save The Student, as the cost of living in the UK rises, Students across the country also lose an average of £1,000. 340 per month. Statistics shared by a student blog show that more than 60% of college students work part-time while studying as it is the only way to earn extra money other than maintenance loans or necessities given by their father. their mother pays.

However, finding a job at a university is not easy. The time and commitment involved in finding, preparing and applying for a job can take away precious time in your studies. If you want to manage your professional and academic life, organization is crucial. According to the University of Bristol, full-time students should work no more than 15 hours per week during each semester, with a maximum of 20 hours for postgraduate students.

To help you find your place in the job market, Vanguard Storage has put together this helpful guide on how to find student work in Bristol.

Jobs Are Our Job

It all started with a small organization; just like you do when browsing college courses before finding the right one for you. To find a part-time job at university, follow these steps:

Before you jump right into resumes and applications, take some time to understand the job market and the position you’re looking for. Whether you choose a career in hospitality or something directly related to your studies, understanding exactly what employers are looking for will increase your chances of landing a job.

One thing to keep in mind is that a job in the hospitality industry is much more flexible than an administrative or office job, as you can also shift into evenings or weekends.

Part Time Jobs Bristol

Many universities offer free advice to students who want to work part-time. If possible, make an appointment with one of your tutors or a member of the student success team, who can not only advise you on the best career path, but can also advise you on the best career path. offers specific advice on your CV and offers some recommendations. Advice on the interview process.

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Now that you’ve had a chance to get feedback (or constructive criticism) on your profile, it’s time to edit it and get it ready to go. Be sure to include a brief bio section that provides an overview of who you would be the perfect candidate for the role, and try to leave some room for personal or academic achievement. Student resumes are often thin on the “previous work experience” front, and potential employers know this. Try to make the most of this space to really advertise yourself – include a section where your skills and interests will help you stand out.

One last tip, keep your resume on one page if possible, recruiters only need a few seconds to make a decision, so candidates with a concise, visual resume will have much more prominent opportunity.

Gone are the days of going door-to-door submitting resumes to apply for jobs. Students now have the option to view and apply for roles online.

Try sites like Save Student or Student Jobs to browse roles that fit your flexible part-time student needs. These sites are designed for people just like you, so you have a better chance of getting a role that fits your schedule. Of course, the competition on these sites is strong, but if you follow our tips and prepare your employee profile and resume, you will stand out from the crowd!

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Another option is to work directly at your university. Student unions often look for extra help around college or with outside projects, so you should check. Talk to your tutor to see if your course has links to relevant businesses, and if you’re out of luck, try visiting the Student Union to see if there are any vacancies.

Finding a job – especially student employment – takes a lot of effort and persistence, but it pays off in the end. There’s no better feeling than holding your first paycheck and deciding what to spend your hard earned money on! Join Indeed Flex today and get instant access to temporary and permanent jobs in Bristol. industrial field.

At Indeed Flex we are currently looking for people to work in a growing industry in Bristol with part-time, temporary or weekend work.

Part Time Jobs Bristol

Also join our Delivery Driver Referral Program – earn through our referral program – you can BOTH get 100 for completing your first shift. **Terms and conditions**

How To Quit A Student Job (+ What To Do After) Guide & Tips

All shifts pay weekly pay and give you the flexibility to work where, when and how you want: so what are you waiting for?

I love working for a famous brand in Bristol and it looks great on my CV. Has a friendly, multicultural atmosphere; Everyone feels good regardless of their cultural background. I have many friendly colleagues; We always joke around during breaks and drivers tend to hang out after work. This summer, I took a month-long European break and when I got back I simply logged into Indeed Flex and restarted my shift with this client.

Office life was boring enough, I became a delivery driver at Indeed Flex. It’s an exciting job and I appreciate the freedom it gives me. To be a successful delivery person, you must be proud of what you do, be polite, and have good time management skills. Work at Indeed Flex – If you provide great customer service, you’ll make more money because you’ll build customer relationships. Whether it’s children or caregiving responsibilities, there are many reasons to look for a price under 40.weekly hourly. Not being able to apply for multiple roles because you can’t work full time is very difficult. But don’t give up, now have a part time job.

Partner Care in Filton, Bristol is recruiting an animal lover to be the Receptionist in their veterinary facility.

Free Cv Template

Being nice to animals is an advantage, but being nice to their owners is essential! Previous experience as a receptionist or customer service officer will help you deliver the high level of customer service expected.

Sustrans aims to provide innovative solutions to transportation problems that benefit public health as well as the environment.

Dorington Mundy is looking for an administrator in Bristol. You must be organized with excellent Word and Excel skills. You will also be required to provide excellent customer service.

Part Time Jobs Bristol

If you can type quickly and put on a smile, the company wants to hear from you.

The Great Resignation Has Employers Sweating. It’s Time To Escalate The Pressure

Do you want your job to change? CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading charity for children with cancer, is looking for an enthusiastic Deputy Store Manager in Downen, Bristol.

Support a busy store, stock and recruit volunteers, knowing your work will help medically, emotionally and financially support children in their darkest hour.

Follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen in her favorite Bath Park, Sydney Gardens. The Council is looking for a Community Ranger to lead community engagement activities.

Sydney Gardens is said to be the only remaining 18th-century recreational garden in the UK, so you can be proud to work with the heritage of the area.

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