Personal Financial Management Course Online

Personal Financial Management Course Online – 1 u c l a e x t e n s i o n . e d u Insurance in Personal Financial Planning Syllabus Nancy McCready (1) Course Title: Insurance in Personal Financial Planning Course Number: X Quarter: Winter, 2012 Instructor: Nancy L. McCready, CFP, CRPC Phone: (31ccready) Time: 4 July 12 September 2012 Meetings: Format: Office hours: Every Wednesday a new week begins Online By appointment (schedule via or phone); Communication at any time Course Description: This practical course analyzes basic insurance principles and approaches to insurance needs. The instruction covers life, health, accident and liability insurance and examines the role insurance plays in financial and estate planning. Participants learn to integrate personal and insurance needs into a comprehensive financial plan. The course is also designed to familiarize students with the concept of risk and the nature of insurance as a transfer device to reduce the financial impact of various exposures to loss. Written assignments based on case study analysis are used to identify, quantify, and explore various key personal insurance risks. Course prerequisites: X Survey of Personal Financial Planning, X Financial Analysis in Personal Financial Planning, or consent of instructor. Expected Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of: Basic concepts and principles of risk management. Basic principles of insurance as a risk management device for economic loss transfer. Techniques and methods for damage prevention and damage management. Life, health, property, casualty and liability insurance, including insurance and contract principles. Government and social security programs and their role in our economic environment. Evaluation of primary insurance companies, reinsurance companies and insurance strategies for business and personal risks from a theoretical and practical point of view

2 Assurance in Personal Financial Planning Syllabus Nancy McCready (2) Welcome I look forward to working with you and discovering how I can help you master the information you need to grow as a financial professional and pass the CFP certification exam. You are pursuing an exciting goal and my primary goal is to help you make meaningful progress toward making it a reality. I know from personal experience how demanding this curriculum is and the challenges you face when preparing for the CFP exam. I believe you will find that as you master the course material and grow as a professional, your ability to provide meaningful solutions to your clients’ needs will also grow. All of my industry experience reinforces to me that properly designed insurance plans can make a huge difference in the financial well-being of consumers and businesses. please start Familiarize yourself by posting your background information, your hopes and expectations for this course, and your real life experience with insurance and financial planning in the discussion forum. Thought-provoking discussion questions based on current events are posted on discussion boards that are posted periodically throughout the course. We will work together to make a large amount of material understandable and manageable. If you are struggling with a particular chapter or topic and still feel stuck after studying the text and study guide, please contact me. Your case study assignments provide learning-by-teaching opportunities by asking you to explain key concepts to a client who lacks an understanding of insurance and has a problem or problem to solve. It is important that you work through the assignments to the best of your ability and make any additional assumptions to make meaningful recommendations. I want to understand your thought processes and how you would approach each hypothetical customer situation. There are also midterm and final exams that include questions drawn or adapted from previous CFP exams. One of my goals in designing these exams is to help you prepare for the format and material covered on the CFP certification exam. If you have technical problems, please contact Ryan Minihan, course administrator, whose contact details can be found in the contact section of the course website. I hope you find this course a very educational experience! Nancy L. McCready, CFP, CRPC

Personal Financial Management Course Online

Personal Financial Management Course Online

3 Insurance in Personal Financial Planning Syllabus Nancy McCready (3) Instructor Bio Instructor: Job Phone: Office Location: Office Hours: Nancy McCready (310) Virtual; my place of business is in century city. By appointment Greetings I am a financial advisor and certified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Los Angeles. I also hold a Chartered Retirement Planning Advisor designation and an MBA from the University of Virginia. My clients are typically busy, successful professionals and executives who need help making their financial lives manageable and protecting the assets they have worked hard to build. I find my work gratifying and endlessly interesting. I have been appointed to serve as an ambassador for the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards to educate the public about important financial planning issues through the media. In this role, I was interviewed by CBS Los Angeles News for a story about a family with a financial crisis due to job loss and insufficient savings. The story aired in November, I was also interviewed by MarketWatch for a story on estate planning and by Next Avenue on retirement planning.

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4 Insurance in Personal Financial Planning Syllabus Nancy McCready (4) Instructor Expectations I believe students benefit most when their instructor is clear and direct with them about the course requirements and approach. Here are some expectations I want you to understand as we begin this course. First, just be yourself. Everyone brings different types of experiences to online learning. Each of you will have different needs, expectations, and concerns and may work with different schedules to prepare for the CFP certification exam, assuming that is your ultimate goal. It will be easier for me to meet your needs if you communicate them directly and honestly. As a tutor, I am very student-centered. I hope you will always find me responsive and supportive. Feel free to contact me and I want to get to know you. There are ten weekly writing assignments to download and then be sent to me to review and grade upon completion. All assignments must be submitted as a Word or PDF document and must be submitted the day before the next lesson (according to the course calendar on page 10 of this syllabus). The case studies are based on a specific individual’s personal and business risks and will address their current and changing life situation and insurance needs. Each case builds on cases from previous weeks. The data must be written in a scripted format, with dialogue between you and the client, to represent the flow of a real client meeting. Anticipate your customer’s questions and concerns and think about how to address them clearly and concisely. Keep the information to a maximum of two pages. You are responsible for all prerequisites and research required to prepare an acceptable paper. If, after reading an assignment, you do not understand how to proceed, please contact me. directly so that I can clarify the intention. Examples of effective case study treatments are posted throughout the course in the announcements section of the course website. A valuable technique will be to establish and maintain a client file for both record and reference purposes. You refer to your client file regarding your previous recommendations and communications each time you prepare a new case. I encourage you to participate in the discussion groups every week. In our learning model, the heart of active learning occurs through discussions that help you test your ideas, reinforce what you’ve learned, and share resources with others in the class. We judge each other by the quality, clarity and depth of our writing. Communication must be professional and use good online etiquette. Your posts should include good writing and correct spelling and mechanics. In the spirit of scientific discussion, I expect answers that agree and disagree with others, as long as they are relevant and respectful. Enter my name in posts for me and do the same for replies to everyone else. No messages are private, so please expand. on any topic. Effective posts can include an objective analysis of a reading or experience or possibly a brief summary of a related assignment from another course. The answers should contain more than just passive sentences, such as e.g. Interesting comment or I agree with it.

5 Insurance in Personal Financial Planning Syllabus Nancy McCready (5) I will be available online at least five days a week and will try to answer questions within 24 hours. All assignments and tests will be graded within 7 days. Thank you for your thoughtful reading of the expectations. I welcome your comments. Have a great learning experience. Required Resources Syllabus (PDF File) Textbook: Principles of Risk Management and Insurance, 11th Edition. George E.

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