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Product Manager Linked In – You are a great product manager. You can easily juggle feature requests, talk to customers, and jump between marketing and engineering conversations like it’s nothing.

You don’t have to be an expert in resume writing either. However, resumes are essential to getting a product manager job, so even if it’s tedious, you should learn how to create a great resume.

Product Manager Linked In

Product Manager Linked In

Fortunately, this is our specialty. We’ve helped hundreds of applicants perfect their resumes and product manager cover letters to land jobs at big companies like Slack and Google.

Guide To Become A Product Manager

Our product manager resume samples, resume tips, and other free resume templates help you create a resume that appeals to hiring managers and gets you one step closer to your dream job in 2023.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the average salary for a product manager is $147,000, and the demand for these roles is expected to grow faster than for other positions. However, more than salary and growth potential, product managers get to work on exciting and challenging projects.

They are the shepherds of the company’s new products, and they come up with new concepts by talking to customers and analyzing data.

PMs are also responsible for working across teams, from engineering to design to marketing, to bring these product ideas to life.

Linkedin Notifications Just Got New Features, Customization Options

A great product manager requires creativity, analytical thinking and excellent people skills. So how can you successfully demonstrate these abilities on a one-page resume?

It’s not easy, but we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to learn specific tips to help you find your next job.

In a nutshell, here are four things you need to do to create a successful product manager resume:

Product Manager Linked In

Getting your skills right on your resume is attractive. Why? Because there are three review stages for a typical company.

Insights From Linkedin: Journey Of Becoming A Great Product Manager

With all these steps, how can you make sure you maximize your chances of landing your first interview?

We will start with the first step. In order to pass the ATS filters, you need to include the right keywords related to the roles in your resume.

For example, suppose a product manager job description clarifies that candidates are required to have Agile development experience. In this case, you can be sure that the ATS will filter for this keyword. Here are some more keywords that include product manager skills (if they fit your experience):

When you go through the first phase of resume review, you need to make your resume attractive. This means avoiding a long list of resume skills.

Raghav Vasudeva On Linkedin: Switching From An Analyst To A Product Manager Role Possible?

It’s a big red flag for hiring managers if they see a candidate with a skills gap. Why? Because it signals one of two things.

It is better to demonstrate expertise in a few skills than knowledge of many tools or methodologies.

The rule of thumb is to only include skills that you would be comfortable interviewing for. Lying on your resume is a surefire way to blacklist a company for potential employment.

Product Manager Linked In

You’ll notice that the list of keywords above only includes hard skills. ATS filters are almost exclusively used to filter out difficult skills. For this reason, do not include soft skills in the skills section of your resume.

How I Transitioned From Recruiter To Product Manager

Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. you’re looking at a resume where a product manager includes “communication” as a skill they possess. It’s better to showcase your communication skills in the context of your work experience than as a separate keyword.

Regardless of whether someone looks at your resume, they should be able to quickly conclude that you are a good fit for the product manager position you are applying for. This means your format should be easy to read at a glance.

An objective summary helps you demonstrate some of your skills and why you are passionate about a particular role. The only time you should include a resume objective is if you are either 1) making a career change, or 2) have a passion for a specific company or role.

A resume summary is a quick overview of a manager’s experience or qualifications for a given position. You should not include a resume unless you have more than 10 years of experience.

Product Manager Resume Examples (guide & Template)

Most of the time you don’t need a resume or objective because they rarely show anything that can’t be learned from reading a resume.

Experienced Product Manager looking to use my analytical and creative skills to build products with significant user impact.

The Product Manager wants to use my experience in fintech to contribute to Stripe’s mission to make payments easy and accessible for small businesses around the world.

Product Manager Linked In

A product manager transitioning from an engineering career who wants to use my technical background in an environment like Google to build products that make it easier for non-coders to build businesses.

Product Management: Main Stages And Product Manager Role

Can you see the difference in these examples? The first is too general and does not provide any insight into the candidate’s qualifications. It’s just keyword stuffing.

Always include the school you attended and the degree you earned in the education section of your resume. If you had a minor, put it here.

If you’re applying for an entry-level position, your education department will look a little different than a senior product manager. Here are some tips for educational content based on your senior level:

As a product manager, you can use data and user insights to develop new products and product features. You are also familiar with setting goals for each project and setting benchmarks for each of those goals.

Product Management Resume Linkedin Profile Writer Examples

These skills are critical to your product manager resume because your resume needs metrics to really stand out. The metrics revenue, customer adoption, growth, and customer satisfaction are ideal summaries for product managers.

Measuring impact is essential to any successful product manager, and hiring managers want to see that you have this ability. Furthermore, quantifying the impact of your work is more persuasive than blanket statements.

For example, saying “Develop a new product that grew significantly in 2019” isn’t nearly as convincing as “Develop a new product that grew from 0 to 37,000 daily active users in 2019.”

Product Manager Linked In

You probably don’t have work experience if you’re an entry-level product manager, but companies want to hire people who can demonstrate their interest in product management. To do this, you need to talk about the projects you have worked on.

How To Use Your Product Management Experience To Ride The Ai Wave

Have you done your research for a potential app idea you have? Have you created wireframes for the site you wanted to build? You should aim to quantify the impact or scope of these projects.

If you don’t have plans to work on, now is a good time to do it. Reach out to local small businesses you can help, do market research for potential products, and put together a PowerPoint and competitive analysis for an existing product you like. Show that you know what it means to do product management and that you have the skills to do it.

Product manager job responsibilities vary widely from company to company and even from department to department.

As such, you want to tell a coherent story about why you’re the best fit for the company. A big variable in your product management history is the stage at which you worked to develop the product.

How To Build Your Personal Brand And Get Hired

Yes, that means tailoring your resume for each job you apply for. The best way to do this is to create multiple versions of your resume. The following types of resumes are recommended for product managers:

It’s more work, but it gives significantly better results. Our data shows that personalizing your resume for every job application leads to 36 percent more interviews. It’s worth the effort.

You should try to relate your past work to the given environment. Look at the job description for the role you are seeking to determine which version of your resume addresses what they want for the position.

Product Manager Linked In

Next, if you have industry-specific experience, you should tailor your resume to talk about that experience as much as possible.

It Product Manager Resume Example For 2023

You’re well on your way to building an incredible product manager resume and landing your dream job. To save time and increase your chances of an interview, follow our tried-and-true resume writing tips:

With a great resume comes great responsibility. So go forth and apply wisely. We applaud you. Before you know it, you’ll be interviewing for your next product manager role.

Our free online tool will help you create a resume that will stand out and get you hired by a leading technology company. [Narrator] The ambiguity of the role of product management is close to its essence. – Welcome back, I hope you are excited to start this course. Let’s go ahead and dive right in! In this conference we will talk about what product management really is and by the end of this conference you will have a really good understanding of the role and hopefully more. excited about the rest of the course. Does this excite you? If it doesn’t, you can’t be a product manager. You should probably leave. I’m kidding, but this Venn diagram pretty much sums up my entire existence. I love the graphics too. So produce

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