Professional Development Courses For Managers

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Alice is a family education consultant and trainer with over 15 years of experience in education and consulting, specializing in children and families. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood, a BA in Child and Family Education from Edith Cowan University (ECU) and a Masters in Counseling from the University of South Australia (UniSA). Over the years, Alice has gained extensive experience conducting interactive talks/workshops for singles, couples, parents and educators as a family life resource speaker in a variety of settings. He is also an experienced counselor in personal development and family matters such as parenting and marriage in both Singapore and China.

Professional Development Courses For Managers

Professional Development Courses For Managers

Ann Marie holds an MA in Social Work and Psychology and a BA in English Literature and Political Science from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He currently trains individuals on volunteerism and social policy in the NUS-YMCA-Citibank Youth for Causes program. In addition, he lectures in counseling, volunteer management, educational psychology, community service management, and business communication at local polytechnics. She also serves as a volunteer at several Family Service Centers (FSC) and schools.

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Moi Yin holds a Master of Arts in Education and Human Resource Development from George Washington University (GW). He is also a graduate of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and holds a Diploma in Human Resource Development (Gold Medal) from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). Moi Yin has over 12 years of experience in human resources, specializing in volunteer management and providing consultancy services to the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the National Arts Council (NAC). Moi Yin is also the co-founder and vice president of the Management and Organization of Volunteer Efforts (MOVE), the national professional body for managers of volunteer programs.

Volunteer Management Practitioners (VMPs) are the primary means of engaging volunteers to improve the skills of the Social Service Agencies (SSA) workforce. To fulfill this vital role and to prepare VMPs for emerging trends in the transformation of the social services sector, NCSS developed a Learning and Development Roadmap (LDR) in consultation with the sector and endorsed by senior management of SSAs. Professional development of VMPs.

The LDR provides guidance on the skills and competencies required to perform effectively and optimize volunteer resources to meet the needs of service users. It shows possible development paths and learning opportunities as VMPs plan towards the long-term goal of serving and growing with the sector. In addition to VMPs, SSA managers and HR practitioners can also use the LDR as a guide for hiring and developing their own VMPs.

An accompanying Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) for LDR helps VMPs identify their skill gaps and appropriate training courses (including Institute of Social Service () courses) further enhance their skills to perform their roles effectively.

Create An Effective Training And Development Program In 2022

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Also, if you have any queries regarding volunteer management, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Our goal is to help people develop the knowledge and skills needed to run successful projects. To this end we provide training, mentoring, coaching and support covering the full learning path from foundation level to advanced experts. Knowing that traditional classroom instruction has its limitations, our unique three-level training method adapts the teaching style to match experience level or need.

Starting with our basic training (Level 1), we provide people with a basic understanding of project management practices and how projects are initiated, planned and then managed to successful outcomes. Focusing on terminology, process, tools and techniques, we have training to equip our students with a broad knowledge base that includes both formal and agile approaches to project management. By building a solid foundation of knowledge, our first-level classroom training helps people develop their knowledge from beginner to professional certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Professional Development Courses For Managers

Our Level 2 “Transition” level shifts the focus from building knowledge to developing skills. Using a role model and group coaching approach, we help participants assess their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and help them put their knowledge into practice. Recognizing that knowledge requires application, we help people realize their potential and help provide support that connects classroom learning with achievement in the modern workplace.

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Our Level 3 ‘Professional Mastery’ level uses one-on-one coaching focused on the student’s own projects to help people master skills. Helping people optimize their performance and achieve their personal goals, our Level 3 training puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you steer your training in the direction you want it to go. While some schools believe that the classroom is all you need, the unique three-tiered approach recognizes the reality of how people learn. We m

From our online foundation class to our advanced classes, we can offer training tailored to the needs of different audiences, different organizations and different regions. Examples of our classroom training are provided below:

Works with people who have a role in the project environment. Course participants are:

Recognizes that project success requires strong collaboration between project management resources, technical leadership, and business functions. As such, he recommends that teams working together train together to maximize the benefits of shared learning.

Singapore Institute Of Management (sim) Global Education

We work with organizations throughout the Lower Territory of British Columbia, Canada, and through our International Project Leadership Academy division, we offer online training to students around the world. Students who are in other countries or need the flexibility of online learning can visit our International Project Leadership Academy website or contact us for more information. For example, it is essential for business owners to ensure that all members of their organization are equipped with skills such as critical thinking, time management, and effective communication to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly and achieve company goals.

Here’s an overview of why it’s important to improve your business skills and ten things you should prioritize to advance your career.

Being established in a business can not only lead to greater confidence in the workplace, but also open doors to career opportunities. For those who have expanded their knowledge by taking a course at Harvard Business School, the experience has led to outcomes such as:

Professional Development Courses For Managers

If you want to achieve similar goals in your career, here are ten business skills you should develop.

Three Professional Development Courses That Can Help You Grow As A Leader

A basic knowledge of economics can be valuable in any industry. In addition to a deep understanding of pricing strategy and market demand, the study of economics can provide a toolkit for making key decisions in your company.

For Nicholas Greco, a former CORE participant who works as a teacher and health care administrator, the lessons learned for economics managers were essential to helping his organization invest in solar energy.

“I knew investing in solar was a good opportunity, but the Willingness to Sell (WTS) concept helped me understand and explain why,” says Greco. “With the added incentive of the city’s program and group purchasing power, electrical contractors were willing to sell solar energy systems at a much lower cost than usual, increasing our customers. By explaining WTS I was able to convince the owner to go ahead with this project.

Research shows that a growing number of firms—including Microsoft, Uber, and Blue Apron—are using analytics to generate growth and improve their services and operations.

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According to LinkedIn, analytical reasoning is one of the most in-demand hard skills in today’s job market. Knowing how to summarize data sets, identify trends, and test hypotheses can provide an analytical framework for solving complex business problems and help you make informed decisions that benefit your company.

“Using data analytics is a very effective way to influence an organization,” says HBS professor Ian Hammond, who teaches the business analytics course. “If you can go to a meeting and other people have opinions, but you have data to back up your arguments and recommendations, you become influential.”

Accounting knowledge can be useful for your career, even if you’re not in a numbers-driven role. While this may seem intimidating, it is much more accessible than you might think.

Professional Development Courses For Managers

Concepts such as cash flow and profitability are useful for understanding your organization’s performance and potential, and knowing how to read and interpret a balance sheet is critical to communicating financial results.

Career Development And Training

Pankaj Prashant, an engineer who took CORE, says the principles he learned in financial accounting helped him build on the technical basics and move forward.

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