Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia

Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia – Malaysia has a multi-industry and innovation-driven economy This makes the country one tenth of the top international companies that create thousands of job vacancies in Malaysia every month.

Malaysia focuses on attracting skilled workers in most in-demand occupations The Malaysian government is trying to fill the labor shortage associated with this sector.

Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia

Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia

So if you are wondering which jobs are most in demand in Malaysia, you must familiarize yourself with the so-called “Top Jobs List”. This list indicates the occupations in demand in Malaysia in 2023

Design Jobs & Internships In Malaysia

English is widely spoken in Malaysia This makes Malaysia the best destination for job seekers from all over the world

The list of complex jobs in Malaysia refers to the most in-demand jobs in the country The list includes the highest demand among Malaysia’s 18 economic sectors

It aims to be a key tool for promoting better coordination of human resource policies to attract, retain and retain talent.

Jobs The urgent job listings include over 100,000 job vacancies in Malaysia or 51% of the most recently published vacancies.

Strategic Project Management

Statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) in Malaysia show that high-demand occupations in Malaysia account for 42 jobs.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO); money manager; Accounting Manager; budget manager; Audit Manager; Audit and Risk Management Manager; Credit Manager; Finance and Institutional Managers; tax manager; Purchasing Manager; Risk Modeling Manager; Actuarial Valuation Manager

Chief Control Officer; production manager; Manager of production and business operations; Business Services Development Manager; production planner; production controller; Business Development Manager; compliance manager; supply chain managers; sustainability manager; project essay; Assistant Project Manager; Operations Planner

Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia

Chief Marketing Officer; Articles of Sale; Sales and Marketing Manager; Marketing Manager; Sales Promotion Manager; product manager; Sales Director; Branch Manager; Assistant Marketing Manager

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Chief Data Officer; Chief of Information Technology Staff; Information Technology Manager; data processing manager; Application Development Manager; database manager; Information Technology Project Manager; Information Technology Manager; Network Operations Manager; Information Technology Support Manager; software development manager; e-commerce application development manager; Information Technology Manager; Building Information Modeling (BM) Manager; Risk Manager (Information Technology); Security Operations Manager (Information Technology); software architecture manager; Data Analytics Manager

Automatic machine; industrial engineers; production machinery; Planning Engineer; Printing Technology Specialist; Textile Technologist; wood technologist; factory worker; Automation Design Engineer; Product Engineer; Project Engineer; process engineer; Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

Executive Officer (Engineering) Class 41; engineer; Citizen Inventor; Civil Engineer, Structural; Civil, Highway and Traffic Engineers; Civil Engineer, Road Construction; Civil Engineer, Hydraulics; Geotechnical Engineer

Mechanics; Internal Combustion Engineer; steam engine; Welding Technician; Micro Programming Engineer; Technical Mechanics; mechanical engineer; machinery; mechanical maintenance technician; Operations Engineer; Research and Development Engineer; CAD/CAM Engineer (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing); Vehicle Engineer; Industrial Automation Engineer; Mechatronics Engineer; Technical Service Engineer

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Quality Assurance Executive; Quality Assurance Analyst; Quality Control Executive; Production Executive; warehouse executive; Supply chain/procurement specialist; production specialist; Logistics Executive; Logistics Coordinator; Quality Control Analyst; Operations Coordinator

Occupational Health and Safety Officer; Industrial Safety Officer – Occupational Safety and Health; Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Accountant; liquids; Management Accountant; Company Accountant; Account Executive; financial controller; examiner; internal auditor; Executive Accounts Officer; Accounts Officer; Administration and Accounts Executive; Price Analyst

Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia

Business Market Research Executive; marketing; Communication Specialist; Compliance Officer; Sharia; Compliance Officer; Technical Advisor; Sales Executive; Marketing Executive; Business Development Executive; Sales Administration Executive; salesperson; social; Media Marketing Executive; Digital Marketing Executive; sales clerk; Sales Executive Coordinator; Sales and Marketing Executive; event organizer; sales consultant; Advertising/Promotion Executive; Order Management Coordinator

Wells, Drilling Project, Solid Control, Drilling Fluid & Drilling Wellsite Supervisor Jobs Malaysia

Management Information Systems (MIS) Analysts, Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Consultants, Information Technology Systems Consultants, SAP Information Technology Specialists (Systems and Product Applications)

Software developer; Application Developer (.NET); Application Engineer (.NET); software engineer; debug software engineer; Mobile Application Developer (Mobile Application); Blockchain Developer; Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Engineer; Computer Systems Engineer; System Developer; Software Engineer (Python); software consultants; application developer; Application Architect; Productivity Systems Developer

Software tester; system tester; Product Quality Assurance Engineer (Information Technology); Quality Assurance Analyst (Information Technology); Solution Architect (Information Technology); Information Technology Auditor; Tester (Selenium Skill, Cucumber)

Information Systems Officer; computer system administrator; Information Technology Executive; System Support Specialist; Cloud Computing Solutions Architect; information technology; Enterprise Application Architect; Technical Support Technician (Information Technology); Information Technology Specialist; information technology; Technical system administrator; BM (Building Information Modeling) Coordinator

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Information and communication technology security practitioners; Digital Forensics Specialist; Security Engineer (Information Technology); Cyber ​​Security Specialist; Information Security Analyst; Incident Responder (Information Technology); Penetration Tester (Information Technology); Cyber ​​Risk Analyst

3D animators; 2D Animator; CG Modeler; 3D modeler; lighting artist; Composer/Composite Artist; graphics artist; Visualization Expert; Writer/Content Creator; Content Moderator

Game Designer (Digital); Game Producer (Digital); 3D Artist; 2D Artist; Game Programmer (Digital); Digital, Gaming and eSports Professionals

Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia

Mechanical Engineering Technician; Mechanical Engineering Technician, Industrial Machines and Equipment; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Engineering Technician; Automotive Engineering Assistant; Mechanical Technician; Welding Technician; spin technician; textile technician; Weaving mechanics; AutoCAD Designer; mechanical engineering; Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Technician

A Day In The Life Of A Project Manager

Maintenance mechanics; Technical Engineering Methods; quality control mechanisms; production mechanics; Quality Assurance Engineering Technician; water mechanics; Test Technician

Production supervisor; production supervisor; Plywood Inspector Supervisor; Quality Supervisor; Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspector; the observer; Store Supervisor; Maintenance Supervisor; Warehouse Supervisor, Hale Logistics Operations; Assistant Superintendent; Quality Assurance Supervisor

This is a list of critical jobs (most requested jobs) in Malaysia published by the Malaysian government. Effectively lead multidisciplinary engineering, procurement and construction teams to ensure project delivery including staff development, project management and technical responsibilities;

 Complete project planning including schedule development, resource planning, engineering work, procurement planning, quality control, construction, commissioning;

Full List Of Top In Demand Jobs In Malaysia In 2023

Understand management expectations and implement project management strategies to ensure projects are delivered safely, meet design and process assurance requirements, quality expectations, budget and schedule;

Responsible for project control: project cost estimation, planning/scheduling, project criteria, effective cost control/forecasting, effective project progress control/cost-cost reporting, change management, cash flow management and project financial status;

Responsible for internal and external communication, document management and managing the project interface with all involved teams including transfer of relevant project data in accordance with the communication and document control plan;

Project Manager Jobs In Malaysia

Work Experience: Minimum 8 years of work experience in project execution, at least 3 years of project management experience, knowledgeable in design and construction issues in environmental, chemical or energy technology related industries; Demonstrated ability in managing small to medium-sized design and construction projects from RM3 million each;

Talent Manager Job Description

Never give your bank or credit card details when applying for a job Do not transfer money or complete online surveys If you see something suspicious, report this job ad

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