Project Manager Skill Set Matrix

Project Manager Skill Set Matrix – Developing people for the role of product manager is difficult. Often young ambitious people take on a role that is an extension of their current skills. Creating clarity about role expectations is important. It’s challenging because the role requires many different and varied skills. Because the role has limited strong authority, leadership becomes a central theme. All of the above also applies to another industry that we’ve had more time to adapt to: management consulting.

McKinsey & Company has long worked with a comprehensive information matrix as a tool to address a similar situation. The different dimensions of leadership describe what skills and behaviors look like at different levels. Their qualification matrix is ​​called the Engagement Performance Review (EPR), and all consultants who reach partner level are scored on all major projects they are involved in, several times a year.

Project Manager Skill Set Matrix

Project Manager Skill Set Matrix

Wouldn’t it be helpful to detail the different skills and behaviors required of product managers, along with descriptions of what the different performance levels look like?

How To Build An Effective Competency Matrix

We thought so, and that’s why we started creating a competency matrix for product managers. We did this through professional development work, a replacement program. In order to contribute to society, we would like to share our work on this issue.

A competency matrix as a stand-alone artifact has little impact, but embedded in the way a company works to develop its people, it can have a huge impact.

The way to success is to genuinely involve all team members. When we do it independently, based on trust, clarity and consistent reiteration of our mission, and no less than ensuring that everyone on the team can succeed.

Our mission is to “Turn Dreamers into Changers” and that’s why we call our professional development program the Change Program.

Expertise Based Skills Management System To Support Resource Allocation

The whole system consists of 11 building blocks, and the fitness matrix is ​​one of those blocks that many other blocks depend on.

Both the program and the competency matrix are based on our company’s values ​​and context, but we believe it will apply to any product-led company.

Before we get to the suitability matrix itself, we’d like to thank three people who were very instrumental in its development: Jens-Fabian Goetzmann (RevenueCat Product Manager and Prime Minister’s Thought Leader at, Kina Liungman (former Hedvig Chief People and Operations Officer), Dominic von Martens (SelfLeaders founder). Thanks, that’s much better!

Project Manager Skill Set Matrix

In fact, the Competency Matrix covers almost all the skills needed to run a SaaS company, but since PMs play a key role, we think it works well as a PM cheat, and since PMs are from those PMs. in different areas, this method also allows nearby energetic PMs to shine.

Matrix Model Of Competencies For Project Managers Of Collaborative…

The competency matrix is ​​based on 8 dimensions of leadership, with several skills and behaviors within each dimension. For each skill, there are several descriptions of what behavior typically looks like at various levels. As you can imagine, this is perfect, let’s get into it.

As a product manager with limited power. So to emphasize that leadership will have to be the central theme of the product manager, we saw all the dimensions as different aspects of leadership (this is also similar to the competency matrix used by McKinsey).

The leadership dimensions covered are: Customer, Marketing, Product, Design, Technology, Analytics, People and Process Leadership – you can see a summary of the dimensions and skills of each person below:

Finding a way to reconcile the importance of different levels to different skills and behaviors requires having some sort of unified space. Inspired in part by the McKinsey model and in part by Luciano Passuello’s expert blueprint Litemind, we created a scale from 1 to 7 with definitions of levels 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Skills Matrix: Benefits, Examples, Template [guide]

This may be obvious from the definitions above, but it’s worth stating clearly: product managers everywhere should aim to reach at least level 3. This is a key requirement for being a strong PM, because otherwise mistakes, confusion and frustration create more work for others on the PM team. Also, to bring someone into the PM group, it’s good if the PM can pick a “spike” and where they pass level 3 goes to level 5 or 7.

The work required to train at all skill levels varies, as shown in the following illustration:

Coaching, feedback, and mentoring are activities that are often effective at all skill levels. Activities such as classes and exercises work best in the early stages. Hiring more Product Managers/Product Owners would be a good investment in such activities.

Project Manager Skill Set Matrix

Many of these skills are necessary for the entire product management process, and at the same time there is a relationship between some of the skills required by PM and some of the steps in the process. To show this connection, but not overemphasize it, you can see an attempt to loosely combine the eight skills in the eight parts of the process by combining color.

Skills Matrix: Everything You Need To Know In 2022

To learn more, find the 8 dimensions of leadership with skills and behaviors and descriptions of each level.

The customer is nice. Everything starts with the customer. This applies to all roles including PM.

Product marketing is arguably the most important product management interaction next to design and technology, so PMs need to know how to handle it.

A product manager’s primary job is to understand the framework and implement acquisition and delivery processes.

The Project Initiation Checklist Every Manager Needs • Paymo

All good PMs embrace design thinking, communicate well with users, and think about application flow.

PMs don’t need to know how to code, but they do need to understand the underlying concepts well enough to understand the trade-offs.

A product manager is not a project manager, but their job involves managing multiple projects, and good PMs are good at doing them.

Project Manager Skill Set Matrix

Because product management is a fast-paced field with many newcomers to PM roles, leadership and development skills are more important than most.

Project Manager Level Resume Samples

Let’s take the fictional example of John, a product manager, to see how working through a competency matrix can be a useful part of a talent development program.

First, John needs to assess his skills and behaviors based on the competency matrix. Since there are detailed definitions of what it means to be at the 1-3-5-7 level, John can look at them and choose the one he thinks best describes his behavior, then the 2-4-6 if he feels he is falling. . somewhere between the two meanings. It’s a lot less logical than just picking a number 1-7.

However, as Johari’s window view explains, he won’t have full knowledge of his behavior. Also, he may have a high opinion of his own performance or feel motivated to score high.

Therefore, a review cycle, discussion and correction of points with John Jane’s supervisor is important. After that, they agree on a set of points for all measurements. A spider chart is a great way to visualize points in all different dimensions.

What’s Your Shape? A Product Manager’s Guide To Growing Yourself And Your Team

In this example, it is clear that John needs to improve his research and communication skills.

Next, Jane sits down to write a reply memo to Joe. A feedback memo is another great tool to use as part of a career development program. The memo should highlight the need for strength and improvement, and clear next steps for improvement.

Writing an answer memo is difficult, but it’s much easier if you can use the suitability matrix as a reference point. Dots across the matrix indicate strengths and needs for improvement. And detailed explanations of levels beyond your current score can give you good hints about what you need to do to get to the next level.

Project Manager Skill Set Matrix

Moving forward, another important part of the professional development program, Joe and Jane should have their own recurring feedback sessions. In this case, they can return to the feedback memo. To ensure that Joe is making progress on his developmental needs, they can emphasize them more. However, looking at Joe’s strengths is critical to his overall improvement. The skill matrix can be useful as level 7 of each skill is designed as a motivation, so going back to that would be a good way to set a motivation target.

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If Joe is to gain the independence he desires, he must develop confidence in his discovery and communication skills

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