Pt Android Ceo Indonesia

Pt Android Ceo Indonesia – Good afternoon Agan and sister, quote: Original posted by NO REPOST: With the increase in online buying and selling in Indonesia, there are some people who take advantage of the online world for fraud. The cases of online fraud are endless. The rapid development of technology makes many people be more careful, because scammers will take advantage of all this development to fulfill their evil goals. Does anyone know or know about PT ANDROID CEO INDONESIA? I want to share my anxiety bro about rampant online fraud this time I’m not a victim bro I’m just angry about online fraud. Timeline: I was suddenly added to BBM without knowing it, I’ll just mention it. the name is NOFRISAL MSI. then suddenly Nofrisal changed the name to PT ANDROID CEO INDONESIA. WOW, in my heart, in my BBM, is a great Android CEO! then the CEO of ANDROID INDONESIA sent me a message that I won a PR PRIZE. 195,000,000 or 195 Million. WOW Amazing numbers for an employee like me, I thought what a dream I had last night to get a prize of almost 200 MILLION. WOWWWWWWWW it’s so delicious!! I chat directly with PT. ANDROID CEO INDONESIA but so far it has not been read by PT ANDROID CEO INDONESIA. Do you think this is a SCAM or NOT? I’m still studying to be a detective bro hahahaha I’ll give you the photo so it’s clear to you bro.

Quote: Originally Posted by Komeng from er nemesis007 from website domain, looks like a free website domain… hahahaha, usually ends in .tk, bla2.blogspot, etc. This is a random website, when I was in college. , I did a website test on that domain bro… least a month for Angus prawns, the website… I think if the website has security, like https prefix or ending. no frills like blogspot or wordpress, or then most likely true This is just for my explanation… If you want put it in jwan so other brothers don’t get caught. scams like this. Quote: Original Posted by WendyFaroene123 That’s all bro. I want it to be like this when we meet, face to face. I want to rub AIBON GLUE on his face. for a DORIC scam like this!! Please don’t block it bro. I just expressed my little heart hehehehe I’m going to order cendol at the same rate brother hhihihihi By the way, sorry for the messy thread brother.

Pt Android Ceo Indonesia

Pt Android Ceo Indonesia

Oh god it’s a scam I just got scammed this afternoon bro…prayer scammers get rewarded. God willing, for me personally, luck is easy from anywhere. It’s like he’s hypnotized. At first, although I didn’t really believe in these things, I always ignored them.😢😠😬😣

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Oh sorry bro next time beware of scams. We as lay people need to be careful. By the way, are you like that brother?

If your Winner ID Code matches, please contact PT.ANDROID CEO Indonesia Marketing Office immediately at the number listed on our website

If you don’t believe or still not sure about this lottery, please visit our website open the winners list immediately

It is called super stupid if you have never entered the lottery then you are cheated to win the lottery online.

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All incoming reports will be processed within 1-7 business days. We log the reporting IP for security reasons. Anyone who provides a false report will be penalized. I wish the relatives (i) good luck in getting PT.ANDROID CEO INDONESIA Lottery messages or information via VIA BC BBM with the winner’s CODE, and include the address PT .ANDROID CEO INDONESIA Official Website as below :www. Stands for SAH/Absolute as prize winner directly from PT. CEO OF ANDROID INDONESIA. CONGRATULATIONS… To the PT.ANDROID CEO INDONESIA Lottery Winners – Match the Winner ID CODE you received through BC BBM from PT.ANDROID CEO INDONESIA to the prizes listed below.

We hope for your cooperation, so that the winners do not spread this information to the community in general, do not allow anyone to contact us claiming to be from the winner’s family, otherwise the prize will go to someone else.

To prevent duplication and falsification of numbers, winners are expected to correctly report their PIN numbers as indicated on the winners list.

Pt Android Ceo Indonesia

The raffle was held before a notary and was witnessed by the Indonesian Social Service, DKI Jakarta Regional Government and PT.Android Ceo Indonesia Directorate.

Waspada Penipuan Modus Terbaru Via Undangan Pertemanan Dan Broadcast Bbm!

We apologize if we do not include the winner’s number in its entirety to avoid irresponsible elements (duplication of winning numbers/counterfeiting).

Our official winner will receive confirmation via BC BBM, which includes the official PT lottery site. Android Ceo Indonesia valid only in.

The prize winners, the 2 and 4 wheel vehicles, will be delivered directly to the winner’s home according to the winner’s ID data.

The prize claim limit is valid for 2 days, if the winner fails to process the prize within the specified time limit, then the prize will be transferred to another winning candidate and our obligations to the winner will be void.

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1. Especially for the winners in the form of vehicles: the winners must inform their personal details and full identity according to their KTP/SIM in order to process the STNK/BPKB documents of the vehicle. Each will bear the name of the winner. As the legal owner of the vehicle, in accordance with RI law.

2. Especially for CASH Winners, the Prizes will be transferred to their respective Accounts or to those assigned by the Winners. By Pt. FUNDING / PARTICIPATION OF THE CEO OF ANDROID INDONESIA in Bank Indonesia (BI)

3. The lucky winner is required to complete the administration fee to obtain the STNK/BPKB document of the Vehicle in the amount of Rp 2,775,000 where the administration fee is only a temporary guarantee paid to the winning party for the purpose of payment -are other documents complementary.

Pt Android Ceo Indonesia

4. The administration assigned to the Winner is only temporary as a form of responsibility and cooperation with the Company and the Police, after the Vehicle arrives at the residence of the Winner, all the expenses of the Winner will be calculated and returned by the Company, because The CEO of PT ANDROID INDONESIA holds a giveaway without charging a single penny to the winner.

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5. Know Emission / Financing of Vehicle Certificates INVOICE (STNK & BPKB), Followed by: DIRLANTAS SAMSAT POLDA METRO JAYA JAKARTA. Subsequently, the winner’s prize will be delivered directly to their home by Aviation Services, using a cargo plane (HERCULES AU-BOEING 737-GX). From HALIM PERDANA KUSUMA JAKARTA airport, go to the nearest airport or the airport in your area. after that, the trip continues to the Winner’s address.

6. After the Prize Delivery Team arrives at the address, the Winner must sign a PRIZE DELIVERY LETTER from the CEO of PT ANDROID INDONESIA, as proof/signature of the Prize delivery to the Winner.

7. After reporting your Winner PIN NUMBER. the prize collection limit is valid for 2 days, and if the winner fails to administer the prize within the indicated time limit, the prize will be transferred to another winning candidate and our obligations to the winner will not. It’s been longer.

8. This decision is ABSOLUTELY unquestionable by any agency because it was inaugurated and legalized by government institutions: DEPSOS, POLICE, MOF, KPK and other INSTITUTIONS.

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9. To inform your address and identity, please contact the Head of Marketing PT Android Ceo Indonesia at: (021) 386 7788 or 0823 9328 8880

LEGAL BASIS Checks are regulated by the Commercial Code (KUHD) from article 178 to article 229. Bilyet Giro is regulated by the Decree of the Board of Directors of Bank of Indonesia No. 28/32/KEP/DIR of July 4, 1995 related to the Bilyet Giro.

Administrative expenses are advised not to deliver from hand to hand, to avoid unwanted things. If the PRIZE has arrived, the winner must sign a .PT PRIZE DELIVERY LETTER. Android CEO Indonesia If the Terms and Conditions are not fulfilled in accordance with the above provisions, we are not responsible if your prize is fulfilled in the reservation that the winner prepares the company according to the policies issued by PT.Android CEO Indonesia.

Pt Android Ceo Indonesia

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