Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

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The lawyers say Carrier’s efforts to silence employees and delete critical posts — whether in private or public forums — violate employees’ privacy and free speech rights.

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

Qatar Airways employees say they are fighting back with legal threats and job cuts.

Pilots Say Qatar Airways Monitors And Muzzles Staff Online

“This is a very direct case of violating not only labor rights, but also human rights — freedom of association and freedom of expression,” said Tulsi Narayanasamy, chair of labor rights at the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, which monitors the human rights policies of companies around the world. the world. .

The airline, which is sponsoring the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, declined to comment on reports that it had shut down the formal debate or sidelined those leading it.

But lawyers say its use in lawsuits and firings is part of a growing pattern of companies monitoring employees’ private conversations.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation spoke to current or former employees of the state-owned airline who believe they have been directly punished for voicing concerns online.

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In June, Qatar Airways ( QA ) filed a personal injury lawsuit worth more than $25,000 in a Los Angeles court against at least two anonymous accounts posted on a forum called the Professional Pilots Rumor Network, or PPRUNE.

According to court documents, QA believes the two accounts belonged to employees who shared “confidential information” about the company’s hiring and firing processes.

The airline has issued a subpoena to Google in an attempt to find out whose Gmail addresses are behind the sensitive accounts.

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

US Attorney for Google, PPRUNE or QA Shelley Hurwitz did not respond to requests for interviews. Internet Brands, which supplies PPRUNE, also declined to comment.

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One pilot said he and others had posted on PPRUNE about internal processes and extreme staff burnout – but said sharing information was important because pilots faced with mass layoffs.

In September, Google notified him that it had received a subpoena to reveal his identity, but he was able to resist by filing a motion with the Los Angeles court hearing the case.

He told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that he could not afford the cost of the application and feared it might reveal his identity.

“PPRUNE was the only place where people could speak and say things without fear of being sued. But now,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The only place where people I can go there and try to find people,” another pilot told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, after listening to managers discuss the matter.

Cabin Crew Roles Have Changed, But Do Stereotypes Remain?

QA dropped the case in October, admitting in court documents that “the defendant has not been identified,” despite efforts to identify the employees who ran the anonymous accounts.

QA is not alone in trying to stamp out dissent, many companies are now using their powers to appease people on the payroll.

“When I look at a case like this, I see an example of online anonymity for someone to engage in sensitive speech about their employer,” said Aaron Mackie, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who has worked on several such cases. .

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

“Then I see an employer with more power and resources using the justice system to identify employees who criticize them.”

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The EFF – a non-profit organization that defends digital rights – says that “unmasking could seriously harm anonymous speakers, exposing them to harassment and intimidation”.

“That kind of behavior is vindictive and undermines people’s rights to speak online,” Mackey said.

Ten years ago, Etihad Airways filed a personal injury lawsuit against its anonymous critics in The US court retained the same counsel as QA in its latest case.

“PPRUNE no longer allows conversations related to Etihad Airlines, its employees, executives, agents or other representatives. Such topics will be deleted,” the site said.

Overworked And Fatigued,’ Qatar Airways Pilots Complain Of Long Working Hours

“Recent high-profile defamation cases illustrate that there are ways third parties can force message board owners to reveal personal information, including the content of private messages. Be careful – defamatory posts can lead to lawsuits from members. Water.”

Cryptocurrency exchanges, medical research labs, and even law firms have tried to identify former employees who posted unfavorable posts about themselves on Glassdoor about-some- Glassdoor-s-s-successful-legal-efforts-to-defend-user-anonymity, a website where people share their views about their current and former employers.

Some QA employees accused the airline of terminating their contracts by managing group chats on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

Alex, a former flight crew, runs a private Facebook group for QA employees, sharing advice on relocation and relocation.

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“These groups are really innocent things – what guidelines to use while on vacation, what to do with reservations, some shift transfers,” Alex said.

As the company ramped up layoffs in the 2020 travel recession, the conversation increasingly turned to job woes and mounting layoffs, with one former employee in particular talking about his layoff.

Alex, who asked to be identified only by his first name, was told by management to log into his Facebook account from a company computer and take down the post.

“They got really angry and said, ‘Why are you doing this? You’ve been good, you’ve stayed out of trouble,'” Alex recalled.

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Another former flight crew member said he was let go after managing a WhatsApp group used by QA staff, whose conversation in 2020 turned into reduced hours and the risk of being fired.

Ivan said he was asked to come and meet with management – the first time he had been at work in almost 10 years.

“I was shocked that they asked me about WhatsApp – I was expecting (to talk about) technical stuff,” he said.

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

One of the managers printed screenshots from a WhatsApp group asking about criticism of pay cuts, documents showing the company’s overall layoff statistics and jokes about layoffs due to technical issues.

Qatar Airways Plans To Hire 10,000 Staff, During The Fifa World Cup Preparations

Evan said he and about a dozen colleagues who were fellow managers or members were suspended and later fired after their managers blamed COVID-19.

Now Ivan works in another country, with another airline – but still feels too hurt to talk on WhatsApp.

Don’t miss ET Prime stories! Get daily business updates on WhatsApp. Click here! A few days ago I wrote about how Qatar Airways is laying off a significant percentage of its cabin crew because it has a bleak outlook for the future.

As you might expect from a non-union state-owned airline, not much information has been released about what the layoffs will look like. However, the information I am hearing – and I have it on good authority – is worrying.

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment [krabi] (december 2019)

This is very different from the story that went viral about the pilot who was charged ~$162K because there was a lot more to that story.

While this is still subject to change, I understand that Qatar Airways will be laying off over 5,000 of its 13,000+ cabin crew.

Those are some big layoffs and make you wonder what Qatar Airways’ fleet plans are and what kind of modern fleet they have. Not that they have too many old planes to retire.

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

Unionized airlines tend to have a simpler layoff process, as it is usually based on seniority. How is Qatar Airways handling layoffs as a non-union airline?

Qatar Airways B777/787 Captains/first Officer Pilot Job

Assuming Qatar Airways is actually firing people with 15+ years of service with the airline, I can’t help but be appalled.

The CEO of Qatar Airways is known to love a young workforce – he boasts that the average age of his airline’s employees is 26 and how your grandmothers serve on American airlines.

I think the US can go a little too far (when you have no retirement age and flight attendants over 80), that’s the opposite extreme.

Someone who has worked for Qatar Airways for over 15 years, maybe 36 or more, and ends his career purely out of loyalty, it’s a shame.

Qatar Airways A320/a330/a340 Type Rated First Officer

I understand that they are reducing the number of flight attendants at all levels, but keep in mind that there is not always a direct correlation between years of service with the company and your position. At the very least, senior flight attendants should be given the opportunity to “demote” to another position when their role is no longer available.

Qatar Airways plans to lay off 5,000 cabin crew, based on my understanding, this includes those who have been with the airline for less than six months and those who have been with the airline for more than 15 years.

If you ask me, firing people who were very loyal to the company is just chaos. During this crisis, airlines are more concerned with reducing the average age of cabin crew than taking care of those who have been with the airline longer. Doha-based Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Pilot Recruitment

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