Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary – “It’s a very straightforward case of violations of not only labor rights, but human rights — freedom of association and freedom of expression,” said Thulsi Narayanasamy, director of labor rights at the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, which tracks corporate human rights policies. around the Earth. .

Qatar Airways employees who air labor concerns online say the state-owned airline is retaliating with legal crackdowns and cutbacks — part of a growing corporate trend to monitor and silence employees who dare to speak out.

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

Advocates say the airline’s attempts to silence and delete critical posts from employees — whether in private or public forums — violate employees’ rights to privacy and free speech.

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The airline, which is sponsoring the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, would not comment on claims it had shut down legitimate debate or sidelined those who led it.

But advocates say the use of lawsuits and firings is part of a growing pattern of companies monitoring the private chats of employees and then exposing their anonymous online critics.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation spoke to current or former employees of the state-owned airline who believe they were directly punished for voicing their concerns online.

In June, Qatar Airways ( QA ) filed a personal injury claim for more than $25,000 in a Los Angeles court against at least two anonymous accounts that had posted on a forum known as the Professional Pilots Rumor Network, or PPRUNE.

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According to court documents, QA believed the two accounts belonged to employees who had shared “confidential information” about the company’s hiring and firing processes.

The airline issued a subpoena to Google in an attempt to find out whose Gmail address was behind the critical accounts.

Neither Google, PPRUNE nor QA’s US attorney in the case, Shelley Hurwitz, responded to interview requests. Internet Brands, which hosts PPRUNE, also declined to comment.

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

One pilot said he and others had indeed written on PPRUNE about internal processes and extreme crew fatigue – but said sharing information was key as pilots faced mass redundancies.

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In September, Google informed him that it had been subpoenaed to reveal his identity, but he could object by filing a petition in the Los Angeles court hearing the case.

He told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that he could not afford the filing costs and feared it could reveal his identity.

“PPRUNE was the only place where people could talk and say things without fear of prosecution. But now they even go there and try to find people,” another pilot told the Thomson Reuters Foundation after hearing executives discuss the matter.

QA dropped the case in October, admitting in court documents that “the defendant has not been identified” despite its efforts to determine which employees operated the anonymous accounts.

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QA is not alone in trying to stamp out dissent, with several companies now using their powers to silence people on the payroll.

“When I look at a case like this, I see an example of someone using online anonymity to engage in important speech about their employer,” said Aaron Mackey, a lawyer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who has worked on several such. matters. .

“Then I see an employer with a lot more power and resources using the legal system to identify employees who criticize them.”

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

EFF – a non-profit organization that defends digital rights – says that “disclosure could cause serious harm to anonymous speakers and expose them to harassment and intimidation”.

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“This type of behavior is retaliatory and it undermines the rights of people who speak online,” Mackey said.

A decade ago, it was Etihad Airways that brought a personal injury claim against its anonymous critics in a US court, retaining the same lawyer as QA did in its recent case.

“PPRUNE will no longer allow discussions about Etihad Airlines, its employees, managers, agents or other representatives. Such teads will be deleted,” the website said.

“Recent high-profile defamation incidents illustrate that there are ways for third parties to force personal data, including the content of private messages, to be released by message board owners. Be careful – libelous/defamatory posts can and do get members in legal trouble. water.

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Cryptocurrency exchanges, clinical research labs and even law firms have all tried to identify former employees who had written negatively about them on Glassdoor, a website where people share their views about their current and former employers.

Some QA employees accuse the airline of terminating their contracts because they managed group chats on Facebook and WhatsApp that contained criticism of the company.

A former flight crew member, Alex ran a private Facebook group for QA staff to share tips about staying and changing shifts.

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

“These groups are really innocent things – what guides to use when on holiday, what to do on layovers, some shift changes,” Alex said.

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As the company ramped up layoffs in 2020’s travel downturn, chat increasingly turned to labor issues and ongoing layoffs, with one former employee particularly vocal about her layoff.

Alex, who asked to be identified only by his first name, said management told him to log into his Facebook account from a company computer and kill the post.

“They got so mad and said, ‘why are you doing this? You were fine, you were out of trouble,'” Alex recalled.

Another former flight crew member said he was let go after managing a WhatsApp group used by QA staff whose conversation in 2020 centered on reduced working hours and the risk of layoffs.

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Ivan said he was asked to come and meet management – the first in almost 10 years on the job.

“I was shocked that they are asking about WhatsApp – I was expecting (to discuss) technical things,” he said.

One of the executives had printed out screenshots from the WhatsApp group, inquiring about the criticism of pay cuts, documents showing the company’s total layoff figures and jokes about layoffs due to technical problems.

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

Ivan said he and about a dozen colleagues, who were either other administrators or members, were suspended and then made redundant, a move their managers attributed to COVID-19.

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Now Ivan works for another airline, in another country – but still feels too hurt to speak up on WhatsApp.

I have read the privacy policy and terms and conditions and agree to receive newsletters and other communications on this email ID. Qatar Airways is currently reducing its workforce as the airline begins issuing layoff notices to flight attendants and pilots. Well, there’s a story about a Qatar Airways pilot that’s going viral, although it might not be as outrageous as it sounds.

A letter is circulating about a Qatar Airways pilot who was fired. Her services were terminated on May 7 and she will be paid seven days’ salary in lieu of notice as per contractual terms.

In addition, she is told that she must pay 591,091 QAR to the company, which is equivalent to 162,343 dollars. This is in line with the scholarship agreement that was signed in October 2013, when she received her commercial pilot training with the airline, and they want to be reimbursed for that.

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Of course, that sounds absolutely terrible. Not only are they firing a pilot, but they’re also charging ~$162K?

I have seen outrage across the internet with people saying they will never fly Qatar Airways again, pointing out how disgusting this is, how badly Qatar Airways treats foreigners and how people wonder if this would have happened to a man.

When I first saw this story, I too was worried that it was as bad as it sounded, but it seems there may be more to the story.

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

The first interesting fact here is that the pilot in question was actually a Qatari national. The Qatar Airways scholarship program is exclusively available to “locals”, and as anyone familiar with the region knows, locals get special treatment.

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@TameemAlthani @KBKAlthani @qatarairwaysar I’m a Qatari citizen, I’m an employee of شركة القطري البدسية, حدة اليوم الخميس الموافعف 7/5/2020 جديد قدية المحمدة بدون ذكر فيديبية تعديبية و ماشابه, ارجو من سيادتكم في المعلومات pic.twitter .com/aOpDRg6kPn — Jawaher Al-Hail (@AlhailJ) May 7, 2020

The tweet mentions that the pilot wants an investigation and that no disciplinary reasons were given for the dismissal.

So what actually happened? There are two sides to every story and it is difficult to understand where exactly the truth lies.

The other side of the story here is that the pilot has spent the last six years completing a two-year training course and still hasn’t passed any of the tests required to become a pilot. The airline got fed up and since they are laying off pilots and trying to cut costs anyway, they decided to terminate her contract at this point as well.

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While Qatar Airways firing a pilot and charging her $162K sounds outrageous, I don’t think we should attack the airline without knowing more.

At least there is more to this story than meets the eye. The pilot in question was a local, and as anyone familiar with employment in the Middle East knows, there are many privileges that come with being a local.

So on the spectrum of employment scandals in the Middle East, I’m not convinced that this one necessarily ranks so highly … instead

Qatar Airways Pilot Salary

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