Regional Property Manager Salary

Regional Property Manager Salary – 1 POSITION: Business asset manager SALARY: 55,000-70, 000 JOB DESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT: Property management services REGION: North East / North West / Midlands / London / South DUTIES: The business asset manager reports to the CEO for service credit asset management. The CHP operates on a matrix basis and the position will also be a key member of the relevant regional CHP team. The business property manager has administrative responsibility for a group of regions, which will vary from one to three employees per region. JOB SUMMARY: Manage efficient, effective and professional building management services for the LIFT portfolio of buildings according to agreed key performance indicators and deliverables. Support our clients: Build strong and professional working relationships with clients (sub-tenants) and managed service representatives, including NHS Property Services Ltd and LIFT Companies (LIFTCos). Performance management: Manage and report on the CHP Asset Management Assurance Framework; including legal compliance and liability and ensuring that the built environment is fit for purpose, safe and secure. Contract Management: Providing solutions for the management of goods and services contracted by our partners for a distributed set of operational infrastructure. Perform Tenant Representation duties as described in the Additional Lease Agreement (LPA). Financial management: Providing services that are managed in accordance with agreed financial parameters, including monitoring of revenue payments made by NHS Property Services Ltd to CHP. LIFT strategic management and land development: Working with regional partners from CHP, NHS Property Services Ltd, LIFT Companies, local partners and clients to develop more efficient buildings and reduce under-occupancy. Improve customer services through recognized best practices, contributing to QIPP, to meet the evolving needs of the local community. Job Description: Business Asset Manager _ FINAL _ 6 Feb 2013 Page 1

2 KEY RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Corporate accountability Legally represents CHP externally and develops a network of relationships throughout the region Prepare, implement, and manage the Regional Property and Asset Management Program reporting to the CEO and working closely with the Regional Executive Director Contribute to the annual business. planning, creating a regional plan that helps deliver results and outcomes of the central CHP and program implementation, including regular reporting Work with regional partners in the CHP, drive the success and profile of the region and the CHP as general property managers, external vendors and consultants, and staff reporting to this position Contribute actively on the team within CHP, providing leadership and support when needed. Property Management Responsibilities 2. Engage fully with clients, NHS Property Services Ltd and other managed service providers by applying collaborative ethics in the delivery and development of managed services, property in accordance with required standards and products. 3. Work with NHS Property Services Ltd, LIFTCos, other regulated service providers and clients to develop, maintain, implement, monitor and report on required compliance and compliance standards and related policies and procedures, including but not limited to: Health and Safety. Training Fire Safety Gas Safety Electrical Safety Water Quality and Sanitation Asbestos Management. 4. Deploy, monitor and test the database for the assigned user pool. 5. To ensure that the policies and procedures necessary to maintain facilities management services to the required standards are developed, formalized and implemented. Job Description: Business Asset Manager _ FINAL _ 6 Feb 2013 Page 2

Regional Property Manager Salary

Regional Property Manager Salary

3 6. Work closely with NHS Property Services Ltd and LIFTCos to monitor, review and report on the performance of managed services on a regular basis. 7. Perform Tenant Representation duties as described in the Additional Lease. This includes, but is not limited to: contract performance management which manages key contractual relationships that drive performance and efficiency improvement. 8. Lead the development of CHP, including but not limited to: – attending project meetings and agreed areas on behalf of CHP as Lead Employer with external consultants, e.g. architect, main contractor, project manager, planner, building control, etc. managing the actual completion and handover of new programs and projects, including but not limited to ensuring that the facility is fully operational in accordance with architectural design specifications, meeting Building Regulations, Standards and Related Laws, Medical Technical Memorandum (HTMs), Medical Building. Notes (HBNs) and customer requirements manage the error/defect approval process for new plans and projects, communicating with new customers as needed, keeping them informed and up-to-date on project progress. 9. Develop and implement together with CHP’s regional partners, partners and customers through best practices and plans to contribute to the QIPP agenda, such as a site utilization strategy that increases facility availability and increases patient numbers that ensure end users of the service are provided with the highest standards. 10. Manage vacancies to maximize rental income for each property, thereby reducing financial risk to CHP. 11. Liaise with LIFTCos, customer building and managed service representatives to ensure that planned activities/services are coordinated in a manner that minimizes impact on users and services. 12. Regularly review the status of operating agreements to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date across all assigned portfolios, liaising with clients and legal representatives as needed for further action where necessary. Job Description: Business Asset Manager _ FINAL _ 6 Feb 2013 Page 3

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4 13. Develop, maintain and periodically review contracts for each property, ensuring that they accurately reflect the services and associated costs for each customer; including preparation of proposed and reconciled Service Charge accounts. 14. In conjunction with NHS Property Services Ltd and LIFTCos, establish and implement an annual service improvement planning process for each property in the assigned portfolio. 15. In collaboration with LIFTCos, develop and implement an annual working capital plan for each asset in the assigned portfolio, ensuring that all clients agree and commit to capital expenditure. 16. Liaise with LIFTCos in reviewing the interim annual maintenance plan for each building in the assigned portfolio, ensuring that appropriate instructions are given as needed to ensure that the Buildings are maintained to the required standard and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. 17. Act as point of contact for all homeowner inspections and related documents. 18. As a subject matter expert in FM (SME) providing guidance to clients and managed service providers upon request. 19. Be an active member of the relevant CHP regional office, to establish a fully integrated culture and ensure that all employees are aware of any issues that may arise that may affect CHP’s core products and business objectives. 20. Manage the regional property management staff and any external support required to ensure that property management services are provided to all properties in the shared portfolio. 21. Monitoring the sharing and review of management information and performance of the distributed portfolio collection under the CHP document management system. 22. Respond promptly and professionally to urgent or urgent property management issues as they arise, seeking to resolve them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 23. Liaise with experts and technical experts as necessary in providing asset management services. Job Description: Business Asset Manager _ FINAL _ 6 Feb 2013 Page 4

5 24. Manage the resolution of all operational issues and assist in the development of new solutions to improve user services and reduce business risk. 25. To ensure sustainability and environmental issues are addressed so that the organization meets its legal obligations and objectives. 26. Develop and communicate CHP’s vision and goals in achieving your goals. 27. In conjunction with NHS Property Services Ltd, LIFTCos and CHP’s Asset Management Services Team, develop business plans and strategies related to future ways to improve asset performance. 28. Perform any other duties related to the position as may be required from time to time. About us The Community Health Partnership (CHP) is wholly owned by the Department of Health, which was established in 2001 and until 2007 was known as the Health Partnership. Our overall goal is to build a community and basic real estate of the highest quality that serves the needs of the local community and contributes to the improvement of people’s health and well-being. Over the past 10 years, CHP has worked with a variety of organizations across the UK to build and maintain a wide range of buildings and facilities used by doctors, care providers, and health workers. Primary health care and the community and local government. During this time, CHP has established 49 LIFT companies – joint ventures in the public and private sector – and together we have powered over 300 buildings, covering over 800,000 square metres, used by communities across the UK. Our role is changing Effective April 1, 2013, CHP will assume PCT’s responsibilities for the LIFT program and LIFT assets. I

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