Reverse Logistics Manager Salary

Reverse Logistics Manager Salary – Click here to know all about Supply Chain Management: Learn what SCM is, how important supply chain is to an organization and the processes and principles followed to create and deliver high quality products, etc.

One of the best things about creating a career in supply chain management is that it is one of those career paths that has a very low barrier to entry. Whether you are an engineer or a commerce graduate, or have just one year or 10+ years of experience; The industry just needs the right skills and the ability to learn on the job.

Reverse Logistics Manager Salary

Reverse Logistics Manager Salary

If you want to make a breakthrough in this lucrative industry or need to improve your skills in it, check out AltUni’s Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management with SPJIMR & Decathlon.

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Supply chain management is usually the backbone of most e-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing and retail companies, hence these professionals are highly paid. As reported by Glassdoor, supply chain managers earn up to Rs. 10-12 lakhs per annum on average, increases with experience, based on 367 salary.

An important point to note is that although traditionally this industry pays more, but with the recent rise in digitization and popularity of 3PL and 4PL, there are several supply chain management startups like Delhivery, Rivigo, Locus, etc. who actively employ supply chain management professionals. Another such company is the French MNC, Decathlon which has shown tremendous growth.

You may have the opportunity to get a full-time interview with Decathlon with the AltUni Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management. You will also study SCM from SPJIMR faculty and get certified by them.

Please note that the salary data provided below uses LinkedIn and Glassdoor and is not filtered by educational qualification. Also, note that this supply chain management salary data is for the job title ‘Supply Chain Manager’. ‘Senior Supply Chain Manager’ and ‘Supply Chain Manager’ etc. It’s a higher level position that pays more! You can do your own independent research on salaries for these job roles using data from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, PayScale and

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Supply chain management has gone from a boring back office function to an exciting strategic differentiator for organizations interested in growth. From 3PL to Platform for Omni Channel Experience; Innovation is in the driver’s seat and it is changing the way the SCM professional career develops. Popular CEOs such as Apple’s Tim Cook and GM’s Mary Barra have held key positions in supply chain management that clearly demonstrate the rise of SCM professionals in C-suite management roles.

Generally, there are 2 tracks in SCM; Purchasing Operations (PO) and Sales and Fulfillment (S&F). Although these two tracks have different roles and responsibilities, they can be handled by the same person in some organizations. However, there are different levels (in general; can vary by organization) at which you can be hired depending on your experience,

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Reverse Logistics Manager Salary

The supply chain market a decade ago; It is a legacy function that is completely reinventing itself, has great growth potential for professionals and of course, it is very profitable as we have seen in the study above. The industry is at a critical point in time where it will greatly reward professionals who are in the right place at the right time.

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To help you become one of them we, at AltUni by , bring you the certificate program in supply chain management, in partnership with SPJIMR and Decathlon. With a curriculum designed by SPJIMR and live lectures on SCM delivered by India’s leading academics and faculty from SPJIMR, this program will prepare you for a brilliant career in one of the most exciting and growing industries, Supply Chain Management.

Check out AltUni’s Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management with SPJIMR & Decathlon Why should you enroll?

The program also helps you learn how to master interviewing for positions in the supply chain management function,

“This program is the most comprehensive SCM course! The concepts taught by the professor have high application in day-to-day business operations” – Y V Sai Kiran, Senior Manager (Planning) – Flipkart

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“This program provides adequate training, content material and support. Workshops and hands-on sessions are the highlight. Understanding real-world strategies,” Aditya Raj Dash, M.Sc. (SCM)- Queen Mary University of London

“This meeting was interesting and fascinating… Makes you go back to work and assimilate specific topics… Thank you for sharing all the knowledge and best practices”, Roshan Tamhankar, Head (Supply Chain and Logistics) – Parek Integrated Services Ltd.

“This course is quite complete in terms of content and case studies; gives a clear picture of where the supply chain world is today,” Data Science Specialist Aakash Sachdeva – Ecom Express

Reverse Logistics Manager Salary

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Repetitions are an important area to master the basics and then renew with a solid foundation. We go over the basic principles of reverse logistics and how companies can navigate the flow of goods upstream efficiently and profitably.

Each reverse logistics flow will be slightly different and tailored to the product offering and supply chain capabilities of the business. For example, cosmetic companies and cosmetic retailers like Ulta cannot resell returned cosmetic items. This is because the product can be opened or used, which affects the integrity and safety of the product. This makes the reverse supply chain for many health and beauty products a short process.

On the other hand, furniture companies, for example, have a more complex return process that has several possible reverse routes for product decline, making the product evaluation phase critical. A sofa returned to Pottery Barn, for example, may have a minor defect that disqualifies it for resale at a Pottery Barn retail store, but may be resold at a Pottery Barn store.

Functions Of Logistics: Roles Of Logistics In The Supply Chain

Creating a reverse logistics process flow that accurately details all paths to returns not only helps create operational efficiencies, but also builds a reverse logistics strategy that has a positive impact on your business and aligns with your business values ​​and goals.

The 5 R’s are key fundamental aspects of the reverse supply chain that will help you make important decisions about how you decide to operate reverse logistics.

Data is the key to decision making in the reverse logistics process. Data can help companies understand trends in reverse logistics and identify why certain items are returned more frequently than others. Reverse logistics data is also important to correctly forecast and plan future inventory. Taking a closer look at the most damaged or returned products can help make better product and inventory decisions in the future.

Reverse Logistics Manager Salary

Data also helps reduce losses by tracking items throughout the reverse logistics process, especially when the reverse logistics flow is more complex, and items can take multiple different paths.

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Data also facilitates automation, and software systems can track items throughout the reverse logistics process, manage repair, recycling or replacement processes and provide valuable insights.

Reverse logistics can be an intimidating and nuanced process, but building a basic process flow and understanding how your business will handle items in any other scenario will lead to a successful reverse logistics flow. Reverse Logistics Situation: Leveraging the “loop” is the key to profitability this year As e-commerce continues to grow, the amount of returned inventory continues to rise for logistics managers in various industry sectors. Finding storage space for this flood of goods will be a major challenge, analysts say.

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