Skills Profile Cv Example

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Skills Profile Cv Example

Skills Profile Cv Example

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Soft Skills For Resumes (+ Tips And Examples) ·

Whether you’re a junior or an experienced worker, there’s one thing every employer wants to see on your CV: your skills.

Ultimately, it’s your skills that make you good at your job. Everything else on your CV is important because it has helped you develop your unique expertise.

According to LinkedIn, there are at least 50,000 professional skills in the world. So what should you add to your CV?

Skills Profile Cv Example

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You can think of skills as the bones of your CV; without them, your CV is just a shapeless piece of goo. The skills are so important, that they are the only thing that can be found

But with only about 8 seconds of the recruiter’s attention per candidate, you need to know which skills are the most essential.

Key skills are the job-related skills you need to do your specific job. For example, if you are a writer then a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word is a key skill.

The key skills that are in high demand are often found in the job description; this is the first place you should look for inspiration for what to put on your CV. After all, the question is not whether the skill is important to you, but if it is to the employers.

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Not all skills are the same and you will see many different names used which can make things confusing.

Let’s look at the different subdivisions of skills to better understand what they are and how and where they appear on your CV.

Hard skills are technical skills that anyone can learn (eg Microsoft Word, HTML, Spanish). Soft skills have more to do with your personality and experience (leadership skills, time management, critical thinking).

Skills Profile Cv Example

One is not more important than the other; they are equally essential in convincing the employer that you are the best candidate for the job.

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Now let’s take a closer look at the other three key skill categories: transferable skills, job skills, and adaptive skills.

Transferable skills are skills that can be easily transferred from one job to another. Some examples are Microsoft Outlook, ability to work under stress, Italian.

On-the-job skills are skills needed to do a specific job and are rarely useful outside of that specific job or sector. Some examples are nursing, welding, Working Day.

Adaptive skills are the skills you use to adapt or change to the situations and environments you experience throughout your life and in the workplace. Some examples are creativity, teamwork, persuasion.

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Remember that these categories are fluid and you may sometimes find that a skill can be listed under more than one category. For example, Spanish is a transferable skill, but if you are responsible for customer service throughout Spain, then Spanish is also an on-the-job skill.

To help you better understand what employers are looking for and where to put specific skills on your CV.

Once you’ve nailed your CV skills, why not a skills-based CV? Will it work for you? Read more:

Skills Profile Cv Example

If we were to list all the existing skills, it would take hundreds of pages. Instead, here’s a list of the most well-known skill sets and the most popular skills they contain, regardless of position or sector.

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To describe them. Below, you will find examples of how to write about your skills to make them more credible. In the next section, you’ll find tips for strategically placing skills on your CV for maximum impact.

Excellent ability to develop and maintain good relationships with international clients through continuous interaction and genuine interest.

Excellent ability to quickly and efficiently research conference venues through searches and then cross reference results to find the best option.

Remember that almost everyone writes “proficient in Microsoft Office” on their CVs. Unless you are very well versed in the entire Office suite, be clear and mention the specific applications you can actually use. Otherwise, it’s a meaningless addition to your computer skills department.

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Implemented a shout out system for one employee each week which led to a rapid increase in team morale.

Sometimes important general skills won’t be enough to convince the employer to call you, especially for senior or specialist roles.

Here are some key career-specific skills you can add to your CV to get the hiring manager dialing your number faster.

Skills Profile Cv Example

Always remember that it doesn’t matter what you list if you don’t have the experience to prove it. I will only list the skills that you can give examples of for your CV and during the interview. Recruiters certainly ask and no one likes fiber!

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Pro Tip: If you don’t have the necessary skills, learn! There are many different free online courses and tutorials that will quickly teach you the basics of programs such as Word, Excel or Outlook, as well as more sophisticated tools and software. Use them!

Now that you know what the key skills are for your CV, the next question is where and how to include them?

When you make a resume in our builder, drag and drop bullet points, skills, and fill in the boring stuff automatically. Spell check?

You may be armed with a good list of professional skills now, but that doesn’t mean you can just throw a random sprinkling of them onto your CV and call it a day.

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You need to know where and how to include your skills to set yourself up for success. Just like you can’t catch a fish by asking nicely to leave the water, you need to set up your CV to attack the recruiter.

Highly motivated and highly professional senior sales associate with over 10 years of sales experience and effective sales management. Maintained 93% positive customer reviews and reduced red tape by 17% overall. Looking to leverage proven skills in sales and customer loyalty to improve L’Occitane as Deputy Store Manager.

Key achievement: Developed a new internal knowledge sharing and training system, helping the team resolve 96% of customer complaints without delegating to senior management (14% increase in 4 months).

Skills Profile Cv Example

As you can see, key skills are not recorded on a long list in just one section of the CV. They are mentioned throughout; which is in the CV profile, the experience section,

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A common mistake most applicants make is to forget to include their skills through examples of tasks and achievements.

By augmenting your skills through your career experience, demonstrate them at work. This is a definite additional advantage that the employer can already see in the role in their mind’s eye.

It is of the greatest importance to

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