Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary

Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary – Orthopedics refers to the branch of medicine that deals with the correction of bone or muscle deformities. In the orthopedic device space, common specialties include trauma and extremity, craniofacial, spine, joint reconstruction and replacement, and sports medicine.

Using data provided by Orthopedic Design & Technology, we’ve broken down the top orthopedic product sales companies by annual revenue:

Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary

Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary

Our team decided to take it a step further and compare sales rep fees with these premium orthopedic medical devices.

Medical Sales Salary Report

For example, at Zimmer Biomet, the average orthopedic sales representative with 2-5 years of sales experience can land a lucrative gig earning $139,718 per year. Actual reimbursement depends on the orthopedic specialty (eg, facial, spine), location, procedure, and orthopedic products sold.

We also identified potential compensation increases from an entry-level sales position to a full medical device sales representative position. In some cases, the compensation is tripled.

The orthopedics market is huge and continues to grow as medical device technology advances. Major players such as Striker, DePuy Synthes, and Zimmer Biomet continue to grow organically and through acquisitions to maintain their dominance in the market. Mid-sized players such as Integra LifeSciences have experienced tremendous growth by expanding their product lines.

Below are the top 10 medical device companies in the world in 2022 based on revenue. 1. Medtronic – $30.12 billion, 2. Johnson & Johnson – $22.95 billion, 3. Abbott – $22.59 billion, 4. Philips – $19.32 billion, 5. GE Healthcare – 18.01 billion, 6. BD – $17.11 billion, Healthers – Siemens $16.93 billion, 8. Cardinal Health – $15.44 billion See more Hospitals are redefining the role of medical device sales representatives during surgery: Injectables – Health news It’s an open secret that many hospital surgeries have vendors, especially for hip and pelvic disorders. knee implants. But does the representative’s expertise outweigh concerns about ethics and cost?

How Purpose And Drive Led To Breaking Into Medical Device

Ochsner Baptist Medical Center in New Orleans no longer needs a device representative since it started using technology from inventory management company Sight Medical. Vision medical confidential record

Ochsner Baptist Medical Center in New Orleans no longer needs a device representative since it started using technology from inventory management company Sight Medical.

In the operating room, surgical masks and matching scrubs make it difficult to tell who is who – at least to outsiders.

Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary

Additional patients may not realize that there are many commission vendors and sometimes advise the clinical team during surgery.

How To Get Hired In Medical Device Sales With No Experience

The answer to the first question is very simple. These sales representatives typically work for medical device companies such as Striker, Medtronic, or DePuy Synthes. Many surgeries, especially orthopedic trauma and cardiac procedures, require the insertion of artificial joints or other devices manufactured by these companies.

Critics of the practice argue that the device’s representatives go to surgeries to strengthen their relationships with certain surgeons, thereby persuading them to choose one brand of hip replacement or stent or pacemaker over competing brands.

Appliance representatives claim to monitor operations because they are specific appliances and their accompanying toolkits, often containing hundreds of wrenches, screws and other hardware to aid in installation.

Sometimes device representatives have seen more operations with a particular device than any surgeon. That kind of in-depth experience can come in handy, representatives say, especially with the latest device model or upgrade.

Stryker Corporation 2022 Proxy Statement

“I can’t put my socks together through the dryer.” “You can imagine trying to line up 100 vessels or 300 vessels,” says Michael Christie, a Nashville orthopedic surgeon who specializes in new hips.

Officials have been visiting operations for years, but this practice is coming under new scrutiny. As baby boomers age, there has been an exponential increase in device-dependent procedures such as total joint replacement. In addition, insurers have begun to cut health care costs by telling hospitals they will only pay a fixed price for certain surgical procedures, such as hip or knee replacements.

This approach has forced hospitals to take a hard look at device prices and vendors pushing the latest models. Hospitals are “beginning to understand what these representatives are all about.” They feel like they’re making too much money, and I think that’s why they want to get out,” said Brent Ford, a former sales representative who now works for Nashville HealthTrust, a firm that contracts and buys equipment such as hip implants for $1,600 in US hospitals.

Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary

Medical device representatives often have business majors rather than biology majors, but they prepare for the job as if they were to perform the surgery themselves. At an education center in Colorado, future representatives learn to cut the femur and implant an artificial hip.

Stryker Corporation Underpays Sales Associates

Their corporate training often involves cadavers, helping reps develop the stomach of steel necessary for the unnerving sights and sounds of an orthopedic operating room, such as when a surgeon hammers away at a bone.

“Before we’re allowed to sell our products to surgeons, we need to understand the anatomy of the body, why doctors use these products, and how we can help them in surgery,” says former representative Chris Stewart. For Stryker, one of the largest device manufacturers.

It is important to keep these relationships strong because hospitals should not allow representatives into their operating rooms. But if repeaters are allowed, there are rules: Repeaters must not touch a patient or sterile object.

Large companies such as Stryker have detailed policies for their representatives on how to conduct themselves in the operating room. And some hospitals, such as HCA’s flagship medical center in Nashville, have implemented even stricter rules — sales are prohibited in the OR and representatives are only allowed to provide support for surgeries.

Spine Sales Rep Salary

But Stewart believes repetition will still be beneficial. Some help surgical assistants find a specific small component among trays of ancillary equipment. Some representatives, even before surgery, deliver gun owners to the hospital themselves. They want the procedure to go as smoothly as possible, so a busy surgeon becomes a repeat customer.

“Obviously, the patient is on the operating table, so there’s a sense of urgency,” says Stewart. “You have to be an expert in understanding how to effectively help everyone in the OR and make sure your implants are being used correctly.

According to Stewart, it has become difficult for hospital staff to keep up with constant design changes for artificial joints or spinal rod systems.

Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary

But the speed of innovation worries some researchers, including Dr. Adrian Fu-Berman of Georgetown University, who studies the relationship between industry and physicians.

Career Making Medical Sales Tips

“We need skilled operating room assistants who don’t make money off the surgeon’s choice,” he says.

Fugh-Berman believed that representatives should be banned from operating rooms. His biggest concern is safety, including the occasional breach of sterile protocol. As part of his research, he anonymously interviewed representatives who said they always push the newest, most expensive products, even if the old version is proven.

“The latest device is not necessarily the best device,” he says. “In fact, it might be the worst device ever.”

However, it’s not the safety issues that have caught the attention of some representatives, but their impact on surgical costs. It’s still difficult for hospitals to quantify their exact effect, but hospital executives now have a new incentive to ditch the proxy role because insurance payment formulas have changed.

Evidence Based Dentistry And Treatment Planning For The Practicing Dentist

For example, in 2016, the state’s Medicare program began changing the way it pays hospitals for joint replacements — from a traditional payment model to a fixed dollar per surgery. This is a cost-control move because joint replacement has become one of the most common reasons for inpatient hospitalization for Medicare patients.

“They look at costs and say, ‘I want to understand everything that affects costs in my practice,'” said Doug Jones, a former DePuy representative who now works for HealthTrust to track surgical costs. “I think they’re realizing that that representative is out there saying, ‘Is there a cost to this?'”

HealthTrust did not tell administrators to fire sales representatives. But it suggests hospitals rethink their role. The company, a subsidiary of the for-profit hospital chain HCA, has researched certain devices, such as pedicle screws, that are commonly used in spine procedures. They cost $50 to $100 to produce, but a hospital can pay thousands of dollars to stock them. A major spine procedure may involve multiple screws and rods, and a sales representative can make a 10 to 25 percent commission on the equipment used, according to HealthTrust market research.

Stryker Medical Sales Rep Salary

In many places, sales are in the room, says HealthTrust’s Ford. He recalls seeing representatives urging a surgeon to use a state-of-the-art device that was not on the hospital’s discount list.

How Much Do Medical Device Sales Representatives Make?

Other HealthTrust customers have started

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