Stryker Sales Rep Salary

Stryker Sales Rep Salary – Surgical sales jobs command one of the highest incomes in medical sales. As per the 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report, the average salary for a surgical sales representative is $158,328 (Med. $145,000). The second highest salary in this year’s survey, surgical sales salaries were surpassed only by health software/health IT sales salaries.

Annual Physician Marketing Salary Survey. Respondents answered questions not only about their income, but also about their employment status, the size of the company they work for, how much experience they have and much more. Even factors such as age and gender are taken into account as all these factors influence the medical sales salary.

Stryker Sales Rep Salary

Stryker Sales Rep Salary

Perhaps the most important factor in determining medical sales salaries is the type of product sold, and surgical appliances are among the most profitable products. In previous years, the medical sales salary report combined surgical and medical devices into one category, but in the 2015 survey, surgical sales professionals were evaluated independently and sales salaries – marketing surgery ranks one of two main areas. Medical equipment wages ranked fourth.

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Consistent with the General Medical Marketing Salary Report, marketing directors and vice presidents earned the highest salaries from surgical device sales ($262,273), but represented only 4% of respondents in surgical sales. The majority of surgical sales respondents (78%) were in a field sales role, and the median surgical sales salary was $155,531.

Most respondents work for manufacturers, who pay an average income of $172,182 – significantly more than distributors who pay $117,452. Medium and large manufacturers pay more than small ones.

For the most part, as professionals age and gain more experience, the average sales salary for a surgical technician increases. However, professionals aged 11 to 20 reported the highest average income ($186,007), while those aged 20 and over earned slightly less. The most important leap in income occurs between 20 and 30 years and after 5 years of experience.

The amount of travel that surgical equipment sales professionals take does not appear to have a significant impact on earnings, however whether or not they travel does matter. Those who don’t travel earn an average income of $139,077, less than the average reported by those who travel any amount for work ($169,227).

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Travel may not be a big factor, but is it where the sellers live? The highest incomes were reported in New Hampshire, Nebraska, Iowa, South Carolina and Connecticut, however, the sample size in these states was very low. States with the highest number of respondents included Texas (average total of $163,337), California (average total of $146,731), Pennsylvania (average total of $156,630) and Florida (average total of $159,783).

Women are underrepresented in medical sales, and perhaps nowhere more so than in surgical sales, where women make up 22% of respondents. At $133,333, the average gross income for women in surgical sales jobs is less than the average for men ($166,090). However, the average base salary for women is slightly higher. The higher total appears to be the result of men being more likely to hold higher paying jobs. There were no female CMOs or VPs in our survey, and for every 10 male CMOs, there was only 1 female.

Surgical instrument sales salaries are some of the highest in medical sales, and the jobs come with many benefits, including car or car allowances (74%), expense accounts (64%), stock options (41%), equivalent to 401ks(72)%) and others. Surgical sales rep jobs are not for everyone as they can be very difficult. (Surgeons are often “on call” like doctors.) The pay is good, however, and 65% of respondents report that they are somewhat satisfied with what they earn. Overall job satisfaction among surgical sales professionals is higher at 77%, so we can expect this field to be very lucrative.

Stryker Sales Rep Salary

Small Pharmaceutical Acella | Avion remains ‘One’ of the Best Places to Work in 2021″How Much Do Medical Representatives Earn?” That’s the question the first Salary Report set out to answer in 2011. Today, according to the 2015 Medical Sales Report, professionals working in medical sales jobs earn an average income of $141,464, with an average base salary of $80,681. the numbers can vary wildly, and this report examines how and why.

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The 2015 Physician Sales Salaries Report not only looks at the average income of pharmacists, but also provides detailed information on how income affects many different factors, such as the type of product sold by the physician representative, their specific role, and how much. travel, how much experience they have, and even factors that seem to have no impact on earnings, such as age and gender.

A record 3,500 medical marketers responded to the 2015 survey. However, only complete responses from professionals currently working in medical marketing bring the total response rate to a certain point, a long 2,772. Survey researchers were primarily salespeople (76%) who work for manufacturers (76%). 69%), and nearly half of all respondents sell medical devices (28%) or surgical devices (12%). Medical specialty professionals (11%) and pharmacists (13%) account for nearly a quarter of all respondents.

In addition to the average income earned by medical sales representatives (base salary plus commissions and bonuses), the 2015 Report also presents average income. Average income values ​​can be skewed upwards due to the large number of people with high incomes, so the average value generally reflects the income of the majority of respondents.

While people outside the industry may only think of drug or medical device providers when they hear the term “health marketing” or “medical marketing”, for our purposes, the term “medical marketing” refers to professional drug sellers. and devices, but also includes those selling medical disposables, laboratory and research equipment, capital goods, health software health or IT services – really any product or service sold in the healthcare market.

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So which products bring in the most money? In 2015, the biggest gainers were again those with health IT and health software sales activities. These hardworking professionals report an average income of $169,881 (Med. $155,000). Professionals with surgical and biotechnology sales jobs had the second and third highest averages, respectively, although the median income for all three major product categories was $155,000. Biotechnology sales professionals earn an average salary.

For more detailed salary information on popular product segments, check out our reports on Medical Devices, Surgical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Devices.

It’s no surprise that marketing managers and vice presidents of marketing earn the highest medical sales salaries (average $214,755, median $212,500). However, this year, professionals in the “National Accounts” role outsource to Marketing Managers as the second highest (average $191,167, median $185,000). Sales professionals made up 76% of all respondents, and this group reported a median salary for a medical sales representative of $138,893 (median $125,000).

Stryker Sales Rep Salary

Most respondents (69%) are employed by manufacturers. Those working in large industries earn the highest median total income ($152,964), although company size doesn’t seem to affect earnings as much as company type.

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You might expect those with the most experience to earn the highest average medical sales salary, but that’s not always the case. You might also expect that more experienced healthcare professionals will have more experience and therefore earn more, but here you would be wrong. The highest medical sales salaries are earned by professionals in their 40s (Ama. $154,247). While those with more than 20 years of experience earn more than those with less, when experience is equal, professionals in their 40s still earn more than those in their 50s and 60s. Thus, it seems that age has more influence on income than experience.

Gender also appears to influence income in more significant ways than it should. Pharmacists are more likely to be men than women – 69% of respondents are men – and the median income of female sales professionals ($120,271) is only 79% of the median income of men ($151, 554) . The average base salary is more equal – men’s average base salary is only 5% higher.

The fact that men make more money in commissions and bonuses is, in part, a result of the types of products that men and women can sell. Women are more likely to sell non-cash products such as pharmacy and home health than to sell paid products such as health IT and surgical sales. In addition, women represent 10% of the highest paid positions, Director of Marketing and VP of Marketing. This means that for every 10 Directors of Sales or VP of medical sales, only one is a woman. Apparently, the glass ceiling has yet to be broken in medical marketing.

Geography can also influence how much medical sales professionals earn – from how much medical sales

Medical Sales Salary

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