Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

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As products become more complex, technical project managers have become the holy grail for fast-growing companies. Technical Project Managers (TPMs) bridge the gap between understanding what is technically possible in a project and managing the resources, timelines and expectations to achieve it.

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

This hybrid of business and engineering skills is a powerhouse. And technical project managers are quickly becoming one of the most in-demand roles.

Technical Project Management

Eighty-one percent of high-performing companies prioritize the development of technical project management skills. And PMs who get more technical get rewarded for it. The average salary of a technical project manager is 50-60% higher than that of a junior project manager.

High pay and a big seat at the table. Being a technical project manager sounds good. But what if you’ve never written a line of code in your life?

The good news is that there is no lifetime ban from joining the technical project manager club. Instead, anyone can make a difference with a little research and action.

Whether you’re a PM who wants to become more technical and climb the career ladder, or a growing company that needs a technical project manager but isn’t sure what to look for, this guide is for you.

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The Technical Project Manager is a specialized role that combines leadership, organizational and communication skills with specific technical knowledge to lead development projects.

Allowing them to better collaborate with development teams, identify technical risks or inefficiencies, and make better decisions about how new features will work (or not) in your product portfolio.

(having been doing serious development work for years), they have the background to make technical decisions, understand trade-offs, and identify risks that a typical project manager can miss.

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

This combination of business and technical knowledge is what makes a technical project manager such an exciting and desirable role!

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A technical project manager must possess standard project management skills such as time management, leadership, communication, decision-making and leadership. However, their position as a technical leader means they also need to understand common coding languages, app architecture and QA processes.

But knowing these different skill sets is not enough. Technical project managers lie between business and engineering and need to combine the two in many ways.

Above all, technical project managers need a deep understanding of programming languages, system architecture, and the technology stack. They are often expected to help establish software tools, standards, and processes such as code review and testing methods.

Every project manager should be a master communicator. However, a good TPM should be comfortable explaining the same technical problem to both developers and a non-technical audience. These capabilities help make everything clear for everyone, from running important meetings to customizing your project management tool.

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Task management tools like io allow you to easily add custom fields so that everyone can find what they need when they need it.

TPMs can detect problems or risks that both parties may miss by blurring the lines between business needs and technical functions. Technical project managers understand how all parts of the business are affected by product decisions and aren’t afraid to speak up when they see something.

A great technical project manager is curious about new technologies, yet realistic about what their current team can do.

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

Development teams get bored doing the same thing every day. As a TPM, being interested in new technologies, languages ​​or protocols can motivate and inspire your entire team. However, it is still your job to know what it is

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Be done with your current resources. Technical project managers often have to play both sides of the good copy/bad copy scenario.

No two days are the same when you are at the center. An “average” day for TPM can mean holding meetings with multiple project stakeholders, sitting down with technical teams to work through architectural issues, and time to keep plans updated and projects properly managed. Try to find a piece.

To complicate matters further, project management jobs don’t always follow a uniform pattern. If you’ve searched for jobs before, you’ve probably seen all kinds of titles, from Agile Project Manager to Program Manager.

… situation For example, they are expected to find the business need for an upcoming project and understand the technical implications of working it into your current roadmap.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the more common things or additional responsibilities you’ll take on as a TPM:

Conduct due diligence on the product roadmap and identify any changes based on existing features, gaps, or technical limitations.

Answer any development or QA questions about stories. Review features with other PMs to get early feedback. Approve stories when they are complete.

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

Assist in the technical implementation of the delivered software. Make sure other teams know what is being released and what to do with it.

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Whenever there’s a communication breakdown between your engineering team and business needs, or if you’re struggling to properly manage dependencies between projects, you may be ready for a technical project manager.

For example, a technical project manager may act as a “mini-technical manager” during a startup. They will be responsible for evaluating project feasibility, defining technical scope and requirements, and helping your client or founder select a technology stack.

There are many ways to become a technical project manager. While most people start their careers as software engineers and then move into project management, it’s common to go in the opposite direction.

For engineers looking to improve their project management skills, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to project management.

What Does A Google Technical Program Manager Do

However, if you are already a project manager, you need to update your technical knowledge to ensure you can communicate with your development team.

This doesn’t mean you have to invest years learning the ins and outs of product development. Instead, Airbnb’s former chief product officer Lenny Richetsky suggests a three-step approach to becoming more tech-savvy.

If you don’t understand at least some basic terms, concepts and techniques, it will be difficult to continue. Invest a few hours to go through the beginner level material.

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

For example, in io, technical teams use integrated Git and SVN repositories to facilitate access and permissions to review and work on code.

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It also means you can keep your code, project management, time tracking and knowledge management well connected.

Developers can report any issues in io’s repo and issue a review in the two-way publishing commit. Note the time spent on commit messages to automatically track time. Or even refer to commits, files or lines of code from the wiki to comment and document important parts of your code.

Understanding the concepts is much easier when you can ask questions in real time from working professionals. Ask around and find a senior engineer who will sit down with you for a few 1 – 2 hours to go over what you’ve learned and how it applies to your product and business.

This is also a great opportunity to use your own skills. If you are used to conducting user interviews, think about planning for these situations in a similar way.

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If you need to take advantage of something, make it a two-way street. Give some important business insight or offer to teach them more about what you do. Everyone is looking for a way to get ahead at work and this can be a great way to do it together.

While there are plenty of non-coding options you can start with, the biggest benefits come from learning to code.

Learning to code helps you communicate effectively with your development team. The more you know about the systems that power your product, the better you’ll be at your job. It also helps you to assign bug fixes and issues

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

Finally, you may be able to jump in and make minor changes to unlock your team (while taking time to review the code).

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Learning to code and build products takes more than we can cover in a blog post. Instead, check out one of these free resources:

If you prefer instruction in learning technical concepts, there are plenty of courses available. To get started, check out HQ’s Project Manager Technical PM certification course.

Learning a new skill can be overwhelming — especially coding, which is full of jargon and technical language. However, the thing about vocabulary is that it not only buries what you’ve learned, it can also make you feel like you know more than you do.

“He who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it, usually does not know what he thinks.”

Google Technical Program Manager Interview Questions

When learning technical topics, it is important to check your own understanding. And a great way to do this is with the Feynman technique.

You can use this technique for everything from how websites work to the architecture of a SaaS app. The easier it is for you to explain how it works, the better you will be at running a project with your team.

Technical project managers offer

Technical Program Manager Google Interview Questions

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