Travel Nurse Manager Salary

Travel Nurse Manager Salary – We have collected millions of commuters’ salaries over the past 2+ years. Now we’re revealing salary rates and job trends across the country with a brand new interactive Salary Explorer!

Wondering how your travel nurse salary compares to the national average? We’ve got this information for you.

Travel Nurse Manager Salary

Travel Nurse Manager Salary

We analyzed public listings of travel nurse pay packages from July 2019 to August 2022 (over 3 years!) to give you an idea of ​​the current job market.

Need A Covid Nurse? That’ll Be $8,000 A Week

Our map shows the highest paying states for travel nurses as of July 2019, including the market rate of change.

For a more detailed travel nurse salary by state, scroll through our chart to see the highest paying states with detailed information on trends and job availability.

We include the standard deviation. This shows you how the majority of paid offers (68% to be exact) spread above average rates. Imagine a bell curve.

For example, the 68th percentile of travel nurse salaries in California is $2,137.63 +/- $541.10 = salary range $1,596.53 – $2,678.73. We warned you, we were idiots!

Traveling Nurse Salary (january 2023)

If you look around the 51 states (including Washington DC), you will see that there is a large standard deviation. This is larger than average due to the change in the level of the current labor market crisis.

See job availability in each state under the “Number of Jobs” column. It tracks our count and therefore does not cover the entire market, but it is a good snapshot of job availability in each state.

Below is a summary of the states that provided the highest wages from July 2019 to March 2020. Compare this list with the map and chart above to see how the crash rates differ.

Travel Nurse Manager Salary

We’ve got a quick rundown to get you started. Get more location-specific information about high-paying opportunities with our interactive payment explorer.

Average Travel Nurse Salary By State & Nationally

Tip: Investing in a California license is worth your time and money if you’re looking for a lot of job opportunities. Highest Paying Travel Nurse Specialties

We’ve eliminated specialties with very few job opportunities and supervisory roles. This keeps our information relevant to the highest paying and permanent travel nurse specialties.

For another perspective, we have an interactive bubble chart of the highest paying travel nurse specialties based on job availability. Hover over bubbles to reveal specials.

All the features are not much needed by daily commuters. For example, RNs in the electrophysiology lab (EP lab) regularly have higher salary offers, but do not have as many job opportunities as ICU or L&D nurses.

Ways Nurses Can Increase Their Salary

If you are looking to pursue a career in travel healthcare, gain experience in a specialty with high job opportunities.

How do travel nurses get paid? Understanding this will help you compare salary offers and decide which jobs are worth going for.

Travel nurses are usually hired as temporary contract employees of travel agencies, who are paid weekly to work in various facilities.

Travel Nurse Manager Salary

The most common travel nurse contracts are for hospital inpatient units. These will usually get you to work:

Results Of The 2018 Aorn Salary And Compensation Survey

Let’s break this quote down to see your weekly and hourly pay. Convert all parts of your payment to the standard rate, then combine to calculate.

Following our pay package example above, your travel nurse pay is made up of taxable and non-taxable income.

Tax-free fares or “daily fares” are based on maximum daily prices set by the government. Check out’s daily rates for your next contract location – they even have a mobile app for your convenience.

Travel nurses are entitled to tax-free per diem when working outside your tax home. You must report living/household expenses as per IRS regulations.

Account Executive Job Description [updated For 2023]

For complete information on managing your taxes as a medical traveler, visit TravelTax. CEO Joseph Smith is a former traveling respiratory therapist turned accountant.

How do you filter through thousands of job openings to find and post the highest paying travel nursing jobs? Our task is to solve this problem.

In short, be simple. The best offers are competitive and often require immediate assistance. Be prepared to quickly adjust plans, coordinate with a new agency, or organize a trip to an unexpected location.

Travel Nurse Manager Salary

As advocates of salary transparency, we look to travel nursing agencies that clearly post salary information on their websites or public job boards.

Why Some Healthcare Workers In Singapore’s Hospitals Have Quit — And Others Soldier On

A few travel nursing marketing agencies do a great job of posting accurate pay rates and deserve a special mention: and the Vivian Health app.

We have only included travel nursing agencies that publish their pay package rates, and we strongly encourage all agencies to do so.

All information collected and aggregated is publicly available on the reputable travel agency website or Google job listing.

We can’t wait to hear your success stories – tell us how our interactive travel nurse salary explorer helped you.

Picu Travel Nurse Salary

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Travel Nurse Manager Salary

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Travel Nurse Manager Salary

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Travel Nurse Salary In 2022?

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