Vmware Product Manager Salary

Vmware Product Manager Salary – Is the idea of ​​pursuing a career in the fast-paced, highly competitive world of product management still on your radar? Apply now for AltUni’s advanced product management program!

There are reasons why product managers are called mini-CEOs, one of them being that product management as a career also serves as a training ground for future CEOs. Do you know Indira Noi (CEO of Pepsi), Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube), Stewart Butterfield (CEO of Slack), Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft), Marissa Mayer (former of Yahoo! CEO) and Sundar Pichai (CEO of Alphabet) Is this normal? They were all product managers at various levels of seniority at some point in their careers.

Vmware Product Manager Salary

Vmware Product Manager Salary

Julia Austin, who teaches product management at Harvard Business School until June 2020, says that a product manager must master basic skills such as customer interviews and user testing, evaluating markets, pricing and revenue modeling.

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She emphasizes that a good PM must have high EQ, i.e. the ability to empathize with customers as well as have a strong relationship with their organization to overcome internal and external obstacles to deliver the best product to them. enables Julia provides some invaluable insight into what it takes to be a Product Manager.

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To simplify it – a lot! Depending on the organization you work for, product management is one of the highest paying jobs in the corporate world. An Indian MBA graduate can earn an average basic salary of ₹ 15.2 lakh per annum, excluding other salary components such as bonuses. But this is only an overview. How much do the top companies pay to hire product managers? Which industry pays product managers the most? How much do Product Managers earn outside India in countries like USA?

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The following data, sourced from LinkedIn and compiled by team AltUni, answers the above questions to provide a crystal-line picture of the salaries earned by product managers in India and the US.

Please note that the salary data below is not filtered by educational qualification. Also note that this salary data is for the job title ‘Production Manager’. ‘Senior Product Managers’ and ‘Directors of Product Management’ etc. are high level roles that pay more than what a Product Manager earns in a year! You can do your own independent research on salaries for these job roles using LinkedIn, Glassdoor, PayScale, and Indeed.com data.

The top-5 companies that offer the highest average basic salary for product management jobs are Flipkart, Mintra, Walmart, Amazon and Paytm. All these companies are regularly hiring from the top MBA campuses in India; In fact, Amazon is one of the top employers among all top business schools in India!

Vmware Product Manager Salary

In these top 10 companies, a product manager can earn up to ₹ 38.00 lakh per annum and can expect to earn at least ₹ 16 lakh in a year as basic salary. This is without any bonuses and benefits that these top organizations usually offer.

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The table below also shows the variety of industries from which companies are interested in hiring PMs, including companies in the hospitality, e-commerce, telecom, aerospace, architecture, and IT sectors.

It’s common knowledge – tech companies are the most aggressively hiring PMs and as the numbers above show, they’re also the best paying when it comes to these roles. But did you know that product managers are also in demand (and very well paid) in sectors such as real estate, travel, airlines, architecture, etc. According to Ambitionbox.com, a PM in the airline industry, is reported to earn an average basic salary of Rs 24.00 lakh per annum, which can go up to Rs 40.00 lakh per annum.

At entry-level, production managers report an average salary of ₹ 12.00 lakh per year, rising to ₹ 25.00 lakh per year. The latest salary figures, we suspect, are for top-level MBA graduates + top-level engineering/non-engineering graduates.

As expected, as you gain more work experience as a PM, you can expect more salary increases. At this stage, it’s also important to note that through subsequent recruitment or internal promotions, you can become a Senior Product Manager (or higher) and earn an even bigger base salary.

Day2, Understanding Product Management

Outside of India, the country where a production manager is paid the bomb is the US; Especially the San Francisco Bay Area aka Silicon Valley. Top companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, EU, etc., whose headquarters are in Silicon Valley, pay millions of US dollars to product managers.

Below is a list of the top 10 companies in the US based on the average base salary offered for PM roles.

Salary till October 2022, this translates to ₹ 1.5 crore per annum, and that does not include the huge signing bonus and other perks that companies like Facebook offer to their employees.

Vmware Product Manager Salary

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Product marketing salaries revealed: How much Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Dell, and VMware are paying managers, consultants, and executives in this increasingly important role

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivers a keynote address at the Microsoft Build 2016 developer conference in San Francisco. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Pitching tech products to potential customers has become an even more important task with the rise of the cloud.

Enterprise technology product marketing is no longer just about convincing corporations to sign long-term contracts to buy your gear to install in their private data centers. Instead, the cloud gives CEOs and CIOs more — and more flexible — options.

Vmware Product Manager Salary

DortchOnIT.com analyst and former product marketer at ServiceNow and Ivanti said, “Successful product marketing today is less about bits, bytes, speed and feeds, and more about how much you know about my business and how much you trust me. can get.” Michael Dorch told Business Insider.

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It often offers a wide range of options that can include multiple vendors, he said: “Cloud-based solutions are gaining significant interoperability features with each other and with existing on-premises models almost weekly. are. So I don’t need to rip. Nothing. Out – I have that I can stop growing what’s already there, and instead integrate it with my cloud-based services of choice. Expand, whether from incumbents or other vendors.

As a result, product marketing now includes a broader and more flexible focus than a single product or set of products, said Dev Manickam, director of Lenovo’s data center group and former product marketer.

“Product marketing has evolved from focusing on a single product or set of products to platforms with products, solutions and industries: hence the shift to portfolio marketing,” he told Business Insider.

Many tech giants have also looked abroad for top talent in the field, and Business Insider analyzed 2020 data on foreign worker certifications for permanent and temporary foreign workers to find the top five enterprise-tech places — Microsoft, Dell, Salesforce. , VMware, and Google – paid product managers.

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Companies are required to disclose information such as salary ranges when they

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