What Are The Functions Of Finance Manager

What Are The Functions Of Finance Manager – Any company, whether it’s a small town bakery or General Motors, needs money to operate. To make money, you must first spend money – inventory and equipment, materials and equipment, and employee wages and salaries. Therefore, finance is essential to the success of any company. It may not be as obvious as marketing or production, but managing a company’s finances is the key to a company’s success.

Financial management – the art and science of managing a company’s money so that it can achieve its goals – is not just the responsibility of the finance department. All business decisions have financial implications. Managers in all departments must work closely with financial staff. If you are a sales representative, for example, your credit and collection policies will affect your ability to sell. The IT department manager will need to explain any requests for new computer systems or laptops.

What Are The Functions Of Finance Manager

What Are The Functions Of Finance Manager

Income from the sale of the company’s products should be the main source of financing. But sales revenue doesn’t always come when it comes to paying bills. Financial managers should monitor the flow of income and expenses (see (Figure)). They work with other agency heads to determine how funds will be spent and what funds are needed. Then they choose the best source to get the needed financing.

Functions, Goals Of Financial Management Chapter 1

For example, a financial manager will monitor daily operating information such as fundraising and spending to ensure that the company has enough cash to meet its obligations. In the long run, the manager will definitely know if and when the company should open a new factory. The manager will also provide adequate financing for the project, collect funds and monitor implementation and performance.

Financial management is closely related. In many companies, both roles are the responsibility of the vice president of finance or CFO. But the main task of the accountant is to collect and present financial information. Financial managers use financial statements and other information prepared by accountants to make financial decisions. Financial managers focus on cash flows, cash inflows and outflows. They plan and monitor the company’s cash flow to ensure that cash is available when needed.

Financial managers have a difficult and challenging job. They analyze financial information prepared by accountants, monitor the financial position of the company and prepare and implement financial plans. One day they may be developing the best way to start making money, and the next day they may be analyzing prospects. The main functions of a financial manager are:

How can financial managers make better planning, investment and financing decisions? The main goal of a financial manager is to increase the value of the company for its owners

Strategic Financial Management: Definition, Benefits, And Example

The value of a publicly held company is measured by the share price of its stock. The value of a private company is the price at which it can be sold.

To increase the value of the company, the financial manager must evaluate the short-term and long-term effects of the company’s activities. Multiplying profits is one way, but it shouldn’t be the only one. This approach favors short-term gains over long-term goals. What would happen if a technical and competitive company did not conduct research and development? In the short term, profits would be higher because research and development is more expensive. But in the long run, the company may lose its competitiveness due to the lack of new products.

Exhibit 6.2 How money flows in business (Attributed: Copyright Rice University, OpenStax, under CC BY 4.0.)

What Are The Functions Of Finance Manager

This is true regardless of the size of the company or the point in its life. At Corning, a company founded more than 160 years ago, management believes in taking the long term and not managing quarterly earnings to meet Wall Street’s expectations. Once known to consumers primarily for kitchen products such as Corelle cookware and Pyrex heat-resistant cookware, it is now a high-tech company specializing in glass and flooring products. It is the first supplier of Gorilla Glass, a special type of glass used on the screens of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and devices powered by Google’s operating system. The company is also the inventor of optical fiber and cables for the telecommunications industry. These product lines require large investments in long-term research and development (R&D) as well as in plants and equipment already in production.

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This can be dangerous in the short term, but staying the course can pay off. In fact, Corning recently announced plans to develop its own Gorilla Glass division, which now has more than 20% of the smartphone market – with more than 200 million units sold. Additionally, the fiber optic business is rebounding and growing while service providers like Verizon doubled down. down on fiber optic network upgrades in the US. Since 2017, Corning’s commitment to bringing back some of its technology and developing new products has helped the company’s bottom line, increasing its revenue last quarter by 16%. [2]

As the Corning situation shows, financial managers are constantly trying to balance the potential for profit with the potential for bankruptcy. In finance, the probability of profit is called return; the chance of loss, or the chance that an investment will not reach the expected level of return, is risk. A basic principle in finance is that the greater the risk, the greater the required return. This widely accepted concept is called the risk-return trade-off. Financial managers consider many risks and outcomes when making investment decisions. These include changes in market demand, interest rates, general economic conditions, market conditions and social issues (such as environmental impact and equal employment policies).

Finance involves managing the company’s finances. The financial manager must determine the required amount of money and the time, how best to use the available funds and how to obtain the required financing. The responsibilities of a financial manager include financial planning, investing (spending money), and financing (raising money). Minimizing the value of the company is the main goal of the financial manager, whose decisions often have long-term consequences.

The potential for loss or the possibility that the investment will not reach the expected level of return.

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A basic principle in finance is that the higher the risk, the higher the required return. Chapter 1 Introduction Finance: The financial resources needed to operate a business and implement plans, policies and strategies. Finance refers to money.

Presentation on theme: “Part 1 Introduction Finance: The economic resources needed to do business and implement plans, policies and strategies. Finance refers to money.” – Transcript:

1 Chapter 1 Introduction Finance: The financial resources needed to operate a business and implement plans, policies and strategies. Finance refers to money. Due to increased competition, changes in technology, fluctuations in currency and interest rates, global economic turmoil, exchange rate changes, tax laws, changes in politics and ethics, the financial manager must play an important role. Financial management function is an important part of every organization. 6/5/2020

What Are The Functions Of Finance Manager

2 Conventional principles: Emphasizes only the determination and collection of required funds. Current: Focused on fundraising and spending. Financial management is therefore concerned with raising the required funds at the lowest possible cost and using the same funds effectively to achieve the objectives. 6/5/2020

Financial Management Rajendra Prasad Nepal.

Investment decisions: which assets should we invest in? efficient use of resources. Financial decisions: How will we pay for these properties? determine the proper mixing. Profit decisions: What should we do with the profits generated by the property? make the right decision. 6/5/2020

Administrative Financial Operations 1. Funding 2. Capital Planning 3. Profit Reduction Operational Financial Operations Receipts and Collections Capital Management Cash Management Cash Management Management Report Writing Real Estate and Current Affairs 5/6/2020

The main goal is the goal. The main reason behind the formation of the organization. Every decision must contribute to the achievement of the goal. The purpose of the company is the purpose of financial management. 6/5/2020

Efficiency is possible. Unexplained Weaknesses (Unexplained) Ignoring financial timing. Ignoring the quality of cash flows. Ignore the effect of interest on MPS. It doesn’t fit in modern settings. 6/5/2020

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By adopting a positive NPV project. Remove all weaknesses in the multiplier. Reduce conflicts of interest between shareholders. Since shareholders are the real owners and have the ultimate claim on the company’s assets and profits, trying to maximize shareholder wealth automatically gives satisfaction to all. It keeps management under constant pressure. 6/5/2020

Basically, the shareholders are the companies. Consumer Interests Employee Interests Govt. benefit 6/5/2020

Factors that affect market prices must be identified. Try to reduce interest and profits. Try to reduce the cost of capital. A lot of growth can be achieved with the help of Home -high sales -cost efficiency 5/6/2020

What Are The Functions Of Finance Manager

Reduce working capital -Wise investment decision -Strong relationships with suppliers -Just in time system External factors -Environmental policy -Central bank policy -International policy and tax policy 6/5/2020

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